Monday, December 31, 2007

124 dead in Election riots... other sources place it as high as 500

Over 124 people have been killed across Kenya in violence blamed on the disputed presidential election. Opposition supporters fought with police a day after President Mwai Kibaki assumed power in elections marred by violence and accusations of vote-rigging. BBC reported that at a mortuary in the opposition stronghold of Kisumu, their reporter saw 43 bodies with gunshot wounds. A witness said police had shot protesters. There are running battles in Matahre and Kibera, and violence was reported in Mombasa.

The streets of Nairobi were almost deserted as the government deployed heavily armed riot police against opposition supporters, some of whom said they would risk death to protest what they called a stolen election. "We have been rigged out, we are not going to accept defeat," 24-year-old James Onyango, a resident of Kibera, told The Associated Press. "We are ready to die and we're ready for serious killings."

KBC, the state television, reported that at least 124 people have been killed in violence connected to the election result. Independent sources say the figure could be as high as 500, but there is no way of telling because Kenya has now degenerated into a police state with a virtual blackout of news, and a ban on live broadcasts, including news bulletins. In Kisumu, at least 19 people were shot dead by police, according to the Daily Nation. Other media reports put the figure much higher, claiming upwards of 50 had been killed overnight in the city.

Several police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said they were ordered to shoot to kill to halt the violence. Meanwhile, Raila has called for a million-strong rally by supporters in Nairobi on Thursday. "We are calling our people to conduct themselves constitutionally and we are therefore going to call for mass action countrywide, peaceful mass action, peaceful demonstrations," he said.

Those killed in Kisumu include two women and three children.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 4th President of the Republic of Kenya is...

The Electoral Commission of Kenya has announced that they will announce the winner of the presidential race on 30th December 2007. This, ostensibly, is to allow tonight for the ECK to verify all the 210 constituency files, and announcement of the winner will only be done when all their ducks are in order. This revelation was made by Commisioner Amb. Jack Tumwa. This decision was reached after much horse-trading between the 21 commissioners and the Chairman. Each political presidential candidate will be allowed two agents together with the ECK commissioners during tonight's critical review sojourn.

Skirmishes, looting and violence have spread all over the country and unconfirmed reports indicate that several people have been killed and several more have been hospitalised. In Kibera and Mathare, residents waved pangas and other crude weapons while others in the Nairobi CBD stoned cars, looted shops, lit huge bonfires and burned down informal settlement homes, all in a show of protest at the ECK's seemingly deliberate refusal to announce Raila Odinga's victory. Most Kenyans are of the opinion that the delay is an attempt to allow "votes" to stream in to boost Kibaki's tally.

The US Ambassador has appealed to the political class to accept ECK results and reach out to their opponents so as to heal the country. As Kenya goes to sleep tonight, restless in anticipation, we can only hope that Kibaki will do the right thing and throw in the towel. There is little else he can do.

Raila Odinga: the king-maker who would be king

Raila Odinga is described by both friends and foes as the engine that drives opposition politics in Kenya.

And when the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) elected him as their flag-bearer for the 27 December elections, analysts predicted that the king-maker could now be set to become king.

He ran for office against former President Daniel arap Moi in 1997, coming third behind Mwai Kibaki, the man who went on to win the last election and who now, mysteriously, has secured the support of his former arch-enemy Moi along with the Kikuyu vote of what is known as the "Mount Kenya mafia". Although he trailed in third, that 1997 run secured for Mr Odinga a national profile from which to launch his future presidential bid.

Raila Odinga is the son of Kenya's first vice-president, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who split with Kenya African National Unity (Kanu) founding father Jomo Kenyatta in 1966. Raila Odinga is renown for his powerful grassroots organisation. A mechanical engineer by profession, he was accused of plotting a coup against President Moi in 1982, charged with treason and detained without trial for eight years, six of them in solitary confinement, before fleeing to Norway in 1991.

But he returned the following year to join his father's new party, the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (Ford).

On Jaramogi Odinga's death, Raila challenged Michael Wamalwa Kijana for the leadership of Ford-Kenya and lost, so left to join the National Development Party (NDP). After the 1997 elections, he merged his NDP with Kanu but was passed over for the Kanu leadership and formed the Rainbow Movement in protest. The Rainbow Movement gave birth to Raila's LDP which went on to join the National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) to form NARC, which obliterated KANU from power.

Raila Odinga has a powerful grassroots organisation that can muster more than half a million votes in Luo Nyanza and an estimated 400,000 votes in Western province. With this kind of political clout - and a forceful personality to match - he has been able to influence Kenya's political agenda. He has what some describe as a daredevil character, that is the boldness both to challenge and openly criticise his opponents, a trait which has won him friends and enemies in equal measure.

To his supporters he is known affectionately as Agwambo ['mysterious' in his Dholuo language], and budding politicians from Nyanza have often sought his blessing to launch their careers, feeling that without his nod, they would be bound to fail. In 2002, Moi reached out to him as he sought to repair his dented political image. Raila disbanded the NDP and regrouped his political forces in Moi's Kanu, becoming the party's secretary general as part of the deal. Political analysts at the time predicted that there would be a further falling out between the seasoned duo and it came in 2002, when Moi hand-picked Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed him as Kanu's presidential candidate, in defiance of calls for a ballot. Raila duly walked out, along with key ministers from Moi's government to form the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) party which obliterated Moi and Kenyatta, and removed KANU's 40-year stranglehold on Kenya, bringing Kibaki to power.

He was seen as instrumental in President Kibaki's victory despite the serious injury he incurred in a pre-election accident. "The captain is injured but the struggle continues," Raila declared and Kenyans for the first time voted for an opposition candidate en masse. But he soon fell out with his new ally and launched the ODM in opposition to Kibaki's government to campaign for a No vote in the 2005 constitutional referendum. Raila accused Kibaki of being insincere and failing to live up to his promises to tackle corruption.

Diehard supporters of this East German-trained mechanical engineer believe he could be the right person to deliver the much-wanted changes to Kenyan politics: to put an end to tribalism, nepotism and corruption and bring Kenya into the modern age. As a prominent and successful businessman, he is experienced in global corporate practices and says he intends to inject this knowledge into his administration to reconstruct Kenya's economy. His supporters say Raila is fearless and can be the hands-on president Kenya needs to mend the decades of misrule.

Kenya on the brink

Kenya has reached a point of no return and the only person who can turn back the tide is Kibaki. All he has to do is concede that Raila will be the 4th President of the republic of Kenya.

But the signs were there all along. A (respected?) political analyst and Kibaki advisor, Mutahi Ngunyi, formerly a columnist in The Nation, two years ago "predicted" that Kibaki would not hand over power peacefully in the event of losing an election. Are we now seeing a chilling fulfilment of Ngunyi's prophecy?

As we sit here in Kampala anxiously awaiting the presidential results along with all Kenyans, ECK chairman Kivuitu is urging us to wait. For what, I'll never know. The latest polls results place Raila at a comfortable 3.7 M votes against Kibaki's 3M. We are also reliably informed that Raila Odinga has left the country and has been secured in an undisclosed location. Kenyans are lining up for war, whatever the outcome. Transportation has come to a standstill as there are no public service vehicles in Kibera and Mathare. Downtown Nairobi is deserted, save for the fracas going on in the city.

Mr. President, I call upon you to listen to the voices of the elders who have told you that it's not worth it. Listen to the wise men and women who have warned you that your government won't survive a ferocious Opposition in the 10th Parliament. And listen to your own inner voice telling you to do the right thing. Don't let the blood of innocent Kenyans be spilled in your name.

God save Kenya!

"Wacha kuniuliza swali ya upumbavu," Kibaki tells foreign journalist

Indications are that Emilio Mwai Kibaki is not going to relinquish power easily, and is suffering from the African Big Man syndrome. We are reliably informed that Security minister John Michuki has put the paramilitary GSU on red alert. A daily newspaper has reported that on being asked by a foreign journalist whether he will concede defeat, he replied in Kiswahili: "Wacha kuniuliza swali ya upumbavu!" What he was really telling the journalist was "Stop asking me stupid questions!"

Pumbavu is a word that has come to be closely associated with Kibaki. During the 2005 Constitutional Referendum, he was known to drop the word at will, mostly in reference to his nemesis Raila, but he was also quoted calling Kenyans the same because they were bound to vote with Orange (NO) in the referendum. Kenyans voted "NO" in the end, and showed him who the real "pumbavu" was. Well, the stakes are much higher this time, and all indications are that Kenyans are on the verge of voting him out. Whatever Kibaki is up to, Kenyans will not take it lying down. All parliamentary results are in, but the ECK is still juggling about with the presidential results, ostensibly to allow for Kibaki votes to tinker in from certain areas. Is it stands, Raila is set to win even with the rigging going on.

Central province is reporting record voter turnout, but the presidential results from the Mount Kenya region are at odds with the parliamentary ones. The downside of this kind of blatant voting is that Kibaki, if he wins, will be left in the curious situation where he is "elected" solely on the "strength" of Central Kenya votes, not to mention a serious minority in Parliament. If he succeeds in rigging himself to a second term, he will surely not survive the ensuing Vote of No Confidence.

Kenyans are tired of waiting for ECK to announce results, and already skirmishes have erupted in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Migori, Eldoret and Kakamega. We are reliably informed of gunfire in parts of Nairobi, and our sources also inform us that the US government has called Kibaki and told him to step down honourably, in the face of a blatant defeat, but the man has refused.

There is a new dawn over Rift Valley

The rejection of all three sons of former president Daniel Toroitich arap Moi by their constituents and their subsequent humiliation at the hands of ODM is a major statement about the clamour for change, not only in Rift Valley, but Kenya as a whole. This signals a major re-alignment in Rift Valley politics.

Jonathan Toroitich, Raymond Moi and Gideon Moi lost their bids for the Eldama Ravine, Rongai and Baringo Central parliamentary seats to newcomers – all on ODM tickets. Gideon Moi fared much worse, as he is the outgoing MP for Baringo Central, having pranced to the 9th Parliament unopposed in the 2002 elections. But he could not contend with political novice, former commissioner of lands Sammy Mwaita, who made history but unshackling the constituency from the yoke of KANU and the Moi dynasty. For more than half a century, Baringo Central has know no other MP, and upon retirement, the elder Moi bequeathed the seat to his favourite son Gideon. In Eldama Ravine, Moi’s eldest son lost to the youthful Moses Lessonet, while in Rongai another son, Raymond, lost to ODM’s Luka Kigen. The scenario witnessed in largely Tugen districts of Koibatek and Baringo where Jonathan and Gideon were candidates, was repeated in the five Kipsigis districts of Kericho, Bomet, Bureti, Kipkelion and Sotik, where ODM swept the polls with a landslide.

In the South Rift, 13 former MPs from the Kipsigis region lost their seats in five districts. Former Belgut MP, the youthful Charles Keter (Belgut) was the only outgoing MP to have successfully defended his seat. A former MP Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu) bounced back after five years. Two former nominated MPs Franklin Bett (Bureti) and Kipkalya Kones (Bomet) on ODM tickets were elected.

Leading the pack of losers is Health Minister Paul Sang, whose bid for a third term in Bureti constituency died in the water.  Other former MPs who lost include John Koech (Chepalungu), Nick Salat (Bomet), Anthony Kimetto (Sotik), Ayub Chepkwony (Belgut), Noah Too (Ainamoi) and Kipng’eno arap Ngeny (Ainamoi). Others were Sammy Koech (Konoin), Raphael Kitur (Konoin), Dr Esther Keino (Belgut), Dr Sammy Ruto (Kipkelion), Bishop Daniel Tanui (Kipkelion), and Samwel Rotich (Kipkelion).

The election of newcomers, taking place at a time when the retired president had traversed the entire Rift Valley region campaigning for President Kibaki, is a statement the voters are tired of anything to do with Moi.

Ndwiga falls to matatu fleet manager as women sweep Rift Valley

Cooperatives minister Hon. Njeru Ndwiga has recently fallen into the hands of a matatu fleet manager, Emilio Kathuri, as Rift Valley turned around the place of women in politics by electing Dr Sally Kosgey (ODM, Aldai), Prof Hellen Sambili (UDM, Mogotio), Prof Margaret Kamar (ODM, Eldoret East), Ms Lorna Laboso (ODM, Sotick), Ms Peris Chepchumba Kipsimam (ODM, Eldoret South), and Mrs Linah Jebii Kilimo (Kenda, Marakwet East).

On the presidential front, Raila led in all provinces except Central and Eastern. In the tallies available for Nairobi, Raila had collected 146,205 votes followed by Kibaki who had 95,808. Kalonzo was third with 18,048.

In Coast Province Raila was also ahead on 151,023 votes. Kibaki was second with 83,087. Kalonzo had 11,816.

Raila also led by a wide margin in Nyanza Province, where he had 1,025,23. Kibaki was second with 67,151. Kalonzo trailed third on 1,203. Kalonzo led in Eastern Province on 197,565 with Kibaki second on 8,0523. Raila was third with 26,564.

Raila led again in Western with 492,295 votes. Kibaki followed with 162,177 while Kalonzo was third with 4,657.

Raila had also collected more than one million votes in Rift-Valley Province standing at 1,074,142. Kibaki was second on 426,984. Kalanzo’s votes were 30,939.

It was a close contest in North Eastern Province between Kibaki and Raila with the latter having a small lead on 46,646. Kibaki had 42,407. Kalonzo had 4,581.

Kibaki had taken a comfortable lead Central Province, garnering just well over one million votes to stand at 1,061,098. Raila had 13,938 and Kalonzo 6,430 votes.

Results were trickling in from across the country by the time of going to press with the edge of competition becoming clearer.

The preliminary result showed a record voter turn out, with over eight million of about 14 million registered voters expected to have voted.

By last night ODM had 72 parliamentary seats, PNU 18, ODM-Kenya six and Kanu five.

Friday, December 28, 2007

More shocking revelations as "tsunami" rips Kibaki's cabinet

We are reliably informed that Daudi "Anglo Leasing" Mwiraria has bitten the dust, along with Paul Muite. Other significant election losers are Kibwezi's Kalembe "Big Mouth" Ndile and Kenda's Tabitha Seii who failed to make an impresiion with 226 votes. Also defeated were three of retired President Moi’s sons, Gideon, Jonathan and Raymond in Baringo Central, Eldama Ravine and Rongai; which completes Moi's dismantling of KANU as the Kalenjin community finally kisses goodbye the Moi legacy. Harun "The Boss" Mwau's dream has finally come true as he is the MP elect for Kilome. Against all odds, and with KENDA, brother Pattni's party, Linah Chebii Kilimo is set to see the inside of the 10th Parliament. Jimmy Angwenyi is bound to find himself on the wrong-end of the law come 2008 as he has been reported to have shot dead one person and seriously injured two others. Chaos erupted in Kamkunji constituency after several ballot boxes were delivered into the tallying centre by police officers.

Meanwhile in Kajiado North, former Education Minister George "Garment" Saitoti has had to run for dear life after voters stoned him and accused him of delivering "sealed empty ballot boxes" with the intention of swinging the vote in his favour. Young Maasai morans have been seen chanting war-cries and vehemently indicating that they will not accept rigged elections results. Saitoti has had to contend with fierce competition from preacher turned politician Moses Ole Sakuda. Elsewhere, William Ole Ntimama has retained his Narok North seat, beating his closest rival, PNU candidate Moitalel Kenta by 6,174 votes. He got 27,814 votes, Kenta managed 21,640 and Martin Kamwaro 12,180. Fred Kapondi of ODM won in Mt Elgon, an area that has suffered from tribal clashes for the better part of the last two years.

The storm that ripped the Kibaki cabinet also blew away Dr. Newton Kulundu, who has since conceded defeat. Kulundu announced that he accepted defeat as a democrat, but complained a number of anomalies in some of the polling centres in the area. In Budalangi, Raphael Wanjala was also defeated by Nairobi based lawyer Ababu Namwamba of ODM. Namwamba got 11,012 votes against Mr Wanjala 7,180 votes in an election that was marked with high turnout.

Leading the list of returnees to the August House is the ODM presidential running mate, Musalia Mudavadi, former fiery politician James Orengo and Dalmas Otieno. And among the big winners was rank outsider, Fred Kapondi, who beat John Serut in Mt Elgon, and Kabando wa Kabando, who ejected Kagwe, a Kibaki insider. Funyula voters yet again rejected a Vice-President — as several other high profile leaders trailed their opponents even as results came in — thereby completely changing President Kibaki’s political matrix, if he wins. Awori’s more than two-decade-old political career, most of it under the Kanu regime, and only five years under the Narc administration, was ended by debutant Dr Paul Otuoma of ODM with 15,940 votes. Awori garnered 9,599, in the poll in which ODM-Kenya’s presidential running mate, Dr Julia Ojiambo, also lost.

Early today, the impact of the ODM-Kenya wave in Ukambani was being felt with cabinet minister Munyao falling in the hands of Mutula Kilonzo.

Raila clinches Lang'ata!

It is no surprise that Raila Amolo Odinga is the MP elect of Lang'ata Constituency. He garnered 59,416 votes and in his wake he left his closest challenger, Stanley Livondo of PNU, aka Mr. Moneybags, with 23,919 votes and Stella Mbai of ODM-K 1,342 votes.

There was initial speculation locally and internationally that Raila Odinga would lose the parliamentary seat, and therefore be lawfully disqualified from assuming the presidency which requires that the president must first be elected as an MP. This was the solo brief to Mr. Moneybags Livondo: ensure that Raila does not capture Lang'ata. It seems Livondo will now have to account for the "campaign" funds he recieved from Kibaki and his Kikuyu mafia. credit to Livondo, though: he decided to invest the money in a state-of-the-art Hummer.

Presidential results at time of publication show that Raila is steadily widening the gap as media tallying show that Raila is at 2.9m votes against the incumbent's 1.9m, while Kalonzo is trailing a distant third with 279,000 votes. It seems Kibaki is destined to make a distinction as the first one-term incumbent in Africa to be voted out of office.

Three cheers to this genius...

Raila doing what he knows best: Daydreaming
By Muthui Kariuki

ODM presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga, is daydreaming once again and making wild allegations against President Kibaki and the Government.

His latest outburst, asking the ECK to disqualify Kibaki over an imaginary plot to use the Provincial Administration to rig tomorrow’s elections, borders on fantasy of the most dangerous kind.

In the first place, the rigging scheme must be a figment of Raila’s fertile imagination and the usual ODM propaganda, since all the concerned Government agents have vehemently denied that they are involved in any way in the electoral process.

Sensing defeat, Raila and ODM are now panicking and making numerous unsubstantiated allegations that cannot and must not be taken seriously.

As the ODM propaganda machine has gone into top gear, it has become more and more apparent to Kenyans that wild and unsubstantiated allegations are part of the party game plan to tarnish the good name of the Government of Kibaki.

The ODM candidate even has the temerity to write to the ECK Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, regarding the allegations and to ask Kibaki to accept or deny the imaginary plot.

While throwing in names of key people in the Administration Police, the military and the Intelligence in an effort to buttress his imagined rigging schemes, Raila does not provide any iota of evidence.

There have also been other unsubstantiated claims bandied about regarding Administration Police being deployed to polling centres in Nairobi to rig elections.

Raila has gone further to claim that Administration police officers in civilian clothes will be used to disrupt voting and cause chaos at polling centres in Nairobi.

The allegations are serious, but without any shred of evidence they are mere propaganda aimed at winning sympathy and psychological preparation to challenge the results of the elections.

There have been numerous allegations in the recent past, but they do not hold any water and have been rightly dismissed by right thinking Kenyans.

It shall be recalled that when the terms of several ECK commissioners expired in October and the President used his constitutional prerogative to appoint new ones, there was hue and cry from ODM and ODM-Kenya.

At the time, the two parties said the President should have renewed the tenures of the commissioners or consulted them before appointing. It was rightly pointed out that such procedure was not anchored in the law.

Before the recent allegations, ODM and its presidential candidate made wild claims against the ECK and sought to put in doubt the independence of the electoral agency.

The opposition parties insisted on the retention of the long-serving Kivuitu.

When Kibaki acceded to the demand to retain Kivuitu, ODM and ODM-Kenya have now changed tack and are making even more wild allegations about election rigging.

The opposition claims now sound like attempts to unfairly influence election results by seeking sympathy from Kenyan voters on rigging claims. The attempts to smear the Government with rigging claims are bound to fail miserably.

Kenyans know well that ODM and ODM-Kenya have been making empty promises and saturating the print and electronic media with useless propaganda. Kibaki and the PNU are certainly headed for a landslide victory in tomorrow’s elections.

The writer is a public relations consultant

VP, 14 ministers face the wrath of Kenyans

President Mwai Kibaki’s cabinet faced its biggest embarrassment yet as 14 ministers lost their parliamentary seats, while five others are facing imminent defeat.

Vice President Moody Awori and other regional leaders in charge of Kibaki campaign faced the wrath of voters and were trounced by mainly ODM candidates as vote counting for the hotly contested elections continued countrywide. The ministers include Musikari Kombo, Newton Kulundu, Kipruto Kirwa, Moses Akaranga, Simeon Nyachae, Njenga Karume, Raphael Tuju, David Mwiraria, Mohamud Abdi Mohammed, Morris Dzoro, Suleiman Shakombo, Mutahi Kagwe and Paul Sang. Four other ministers, particularly in Ukambani, are trailing ODM-K candidates. They include Lands minister Kivutha Kibwana, Water minister Mutua Katuku, Livestock Development minister Joseph Munyao and Transport Minister Ali Chirau Mwakwere.

Siasa Duni interim results

Raila Odinga - 1,559,688
Mwai Kibaki - 1,222,1455
Kalonzo Musyoka - 163,046

Raila Odinga - 20,218
Mwai Kibaki - 29,563
Kalonzo Musyoka - 4,208

Raila Odinga - 8,418
Mwai Kibaki - 734,895
Kalonzo Musyoka - 1,344

Raila Odinga - 666,024
Mwai Kibaki - 157,811
Kalonzo Musyoka - 8,579

Raila Odinga - 12,154
Mwai Kibaki - 113,457
Kalonzo Musyoka - 134,602

Raila Odinga - 232,066
Mwai Kibaki - 86,429
Kalonzo Musyoka - 2,225

Raila Odinga - 526,650
Mwai Kibaki - 44,635
Kalonzo Musyoka - 1,394

Raila Odinga - 9,146
Mwai Kibaki - 6,522
Kalonzo Musyoka - 1,046

Raila Odinga - 85,012
Mwai Kibaki - 48,833
Kalonzo Musyoka - 9,648

ODM - 19
PNU - 3
KANU - 1

The fall of the giants as rejection of PNU is complete

A clear trend is beginning to emerge as rejection of Kibaki and PNU comes full circle. Here are the latest casualties never to see the 10th Parliament:

1. Njenga Karume
2. Nicholas Biwott
3. Gideon Moi
4. Mukhisa Kituyi
5. Moody Awori
6. George Saitoti
7. Someon Nyachae
8. Musikari Kombo
9. Mutahi Kagwe

Congratulations to the Kalenjin community, specifically the good people of Baringo Central, for firmly and finally ignoring old Moi's pleas and for placing the dirty rag on his lap by voting out his "only begotten son", Gideon. This is the biggest slap Moi has recieved, ever since Mama Lena refused to close dance with Kenyatta at some state function many, many, many years ago; an act which cost her the prestigious title of "second Lady" and forever consigned her to the periphery of the Moi dynsaty. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the long awaited "adieu" to Kenyan dynasties.

It is now apparent that PNU will have a severe drought of MPs in the 10th Parliament as they have so far not bagged even one. The clear leader in Central is Safina with one MP, while ODM has managed 18 countrywide. It would seem Kibaki is poised to once again reclaim his throne (and more familiar role) as the Leader of Official Opposition.

Munya's Prado burnt to a crisp by angry constituents

Two people were on Thursday feared dead after Internal Security Assistant Minister, Peter Munya, ran into a hostile crowd in Tigania East. According to reports, the deputy Eastern Provincial Police Officer, Marcus Ocholla, confirmed that the minister’s official car, a Toyota Prado, was set ablaze. He, however, could not verify report of the deaths linked to the incident. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the two were shot by Munya’s security detail after the hostile crowd attacked the minister.

The irate crowd that cornered Munya’s convoy, which was monitoring progress at the ongoing polls in the area, had accused him of aiding the Tiganias to encroach land in the Tharaka side of the border. The incident that happened in the remote Gatibini village was the culmination of a long-running border dispute between the Tiganias and the Tharaka. The Tharakas are claiming that Munya has used his influence in Government to change the boundary, thereby encroaching on their land.

When the crowd turned rowdy, Munya took off on foot, leaving his official vehicle behind.

Munya's Prado burnt to a crisp by angry constituents

Two people were on Thursday feared dead after Internal Security Assistant Minister, Peter Munya, ran into a hostile crowd in Tigania East. According to reports, the deputy Eastern Provincial Police Officer, Marcus Ocholla, confirmed that the minister’s official car, a Toyota Prado, was set ablaze. He, however, could not verify report of the deaths linked to the incident. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the two were shot by Munya’s security detail after the hostile crowd attacked the minister.

The irate crowd that cornered Munya’s convoy, which was monitoring progress at the ongoing polls in the area, had accused him of aiding the Tiganias to encroach land in the Tharaka side of the border. The incident that happened in the remote Gatibini village was the culmination of a long-running border dispute between the Tiganias and the Tharaka. The Tharakas are claiming that Munya has used his influence in Government to change the boundary, thereby encroaching on their land.

When the crowd turned rowdy, Munya took off on foot, leaving his official vehicle to be behind.

More results, more casualties

As we continue to update you, word is that Raila Odinga has hit the 1million mark. Latest tallies put Raila at 1,200,000 votes, Mwai Kibaki is at 800,000 and Kalonzo Musyoka has bagged a respectable 40,000 presidential votes. We are also learning that Raphael Tuju and Dr. Julia Ojiambo have bitten the dust...

Raila ahead as Awori, Kombo fall

Exit polls and preliminary tallies by three leading Kenyan broadcasters place ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga firmly in the lead. Counting continued through the night in polling stations across Kenya, in what is seen as the country's closest-ever elections. ECK officials said that turnout was "massive", and could reach 70%. Figures coming in show Raila at 809,009 votes so far, Kibaki at 460,206 votes and Kalonzo at 20,048 votes.

Other reports show that ruling party big fish got the shock of their lives when they were outrightly rejected by their constituents. Early casualties of Election 2007 are Vice President Hon. Dr. Arthur Moody Awori, cabinet ministers Mutahi Kagwe, Musikari Kombo, Moses Akaranga and Paul Sang. Awori lost the Funyula parliamentary seat to the ODM candidate Dr. Paul Otuoma, and now holds the distinction as the second VP in Kenyan history to lose a parliamentary seat. Ford–Kenya supremo and former Webuye MP, Musikari Kombo, has lost the seat to Alfred Sambu of ODM. Preliminary results also indicate that Trade and Industry minister Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi is trailing.

Information and Communications minister "Lord" Mutahi Kagwe has lost to former chairman of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Kabando wa Kabando of Safina. Kagwe initiated many development projects in his Mukurweini constituency, both through the CDF concept and from his own pocket, and it will puzzle many people how Kabando wa Kabando pulled the carpet from under his feet. Health Minister Paul Sang has lost to former State House Comptroller Frankline Bett of ODM. Sang was appointed to the position just two months to the election after Kibaki’s ally and Health Minister, Charity Ngilu, declared her support for ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Other results show that ODM Pentagon member and Raila Odinga’s running mate, Musalia Mudavadi, has trounced Public Service minister Moses Akaranga of PNU. Najib Balala has won the Mvita seat, beating former Mombasa mayor Taib Ali Taib. Former Keiyo South MP and Kanu strongman Nicholas Biwott lost the seat to Jackson Kiptanui of ODM. In Ugenya constituency, lawyer James Orengo will make a political come back after clinching the seat he lost in 2002.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Raila finally votes

ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga finally voted on Thursday at 12.36pm.

Earlier in the morning, Raila and his wife, Ida, had failed to cast their votes because his name was allegedly missing from the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Langata constituency voter register. Raila, who had come to the station at 9.50am, was forced to rush to ECK offices at KICC, when he learned there was a problem with the voter register.

Tension and confusion reigned at Old Kibera Primary School when it was discovered that apart from Raila, names of other voters were missing from the register. Some voters whose surnames start with letters O, P, Q, R, A and W were affected in an incident that forced the ECK chairman, Samuel Kivuitu to visit the centre.

Incidentally, bearers of names with these initials hail from communities where ODM presidential candidate enjoys a large following. Kivuitu who came later, found himself in trouble as angry voters animatedly sought explanations over the anomaly. Police rescued him from the angry crowd. He promised to look into the matter urgently and pledged to compensate for the voting time lost.

Raila and his wife, Ida, later voted at 12.36pm after the anomaly had been rectified. Addressing the Press after casting his ballot, Raila said the scenario was an indication that the government wanted to rig polls. "This is definitely a scheme to rig polls. The Government's intention was to rig me out of Langata constituency, but it will fail."

Raila's name missing in the voter register!

Election rigging in Kenya took a turn for the worse when ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga got the shock of his life when he failed to vote because his name was missing from the voter register. Also missing from the register is a large chunk of names, conspicuously begining with "O".

It is alleged that people whose names start with letters A, O, R and W would not vote because their names are missing from Lang’ata constituency registers. Incidentally, bearers of names with these initials hail from communities where the ODM presidential candidate enjoys a large following. Other events marring the ongoing elections include late opening of polling centres, long queues and reports of cancellation of civic election in one Nairobi ward. There are also reports that a mob invaded Eldoret Police Station in the morning after ‘learning’ that ballot boxes stuffed with marked ballot papers were being stored in the facility.

In Nyanza, voting was delayed for two hours at Ongeche polling centre in Nyando constituency following a "mix-up" in parliamentary ballot papers. Out of the 50 pages of Parliamentary ballot pages brought to the centre, 37 pages were meant for Butere constituency in Western province. Polling centres opened at 8.30am, but voting had not started by 9am. In Uriri, voting was temporarily interrupted at a polling station in the constituency when a group of youths were beaten for allegedly campaigning against the three-piece voting system. In Kuria District, poling was delayed at Rosabare and Mabera centres for close to one hour after clerks discovered that an embosser they were using to stamp voting cards was faulty ad had to be changed.

Meanwhile, Education minister Prof George Saitoti and ODM Kajiado North parliamentary candidate Rev Moses Ole Sakuda have protested over a mix up of ballot papers in some of the polling centres in the area. Tension was high at Lenchami and Ilpolosat polling stations after it emerged that the Parliamentary ballot papers meant for the stations had been swooped with those of Changamwe constituency in the Coast Province. "We know there is a trick. We want this mix up sorted out within the voting hours otherwise we shall run out of patience," Sakuda said. In Kilgoris, Immigration minister Gedion Konchella was turned away from DEB polling centre in Kilgoris after his name was found missing from the ECK register.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mwiraria & Biwott banned from Britain

Cabinet minister David Mwiraria and the immediate former Keiyo South MP, Nicholas Biwott, have been barred from traveling to the United Kingdom.

Also barred are the Charterhouse Bank managing director, Sanjay Kumar Ramniklal, and his brother, Manoj Ramniklal Panacha Shah of Kingsway Tyres. A travel advisory has been circulated to five international airlines that depart from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.

Airline sources confirmed yesterday that they received an ‘Immigration Alert’ from the British High Commission in Nairobi informing them of the cancellation of UK visas for the four individuals. In a letter headed "Alert" to the airlines and exclusively obtained, the Commission stated: "The above named were issued with UK visas. However, these visas have now been cancelled and are no longer valid for travel to the United Kingdom.

"I would be grateful if an alert be placed on your systems and the relevant staff be notified. Please contact the Visa Section at the British High Commission immediately on the above numbers if a date of proposed travel to the UK is known, or if they are encountered at the airport".

The letter contained the full names of the four individuals and their passport numbers; Biwott (D007***), Manoj (B093***), Mwiraria (D008***) and Sanjay (B068***). Contacted for comment over the travel ban, the British High Commission spokesperson, Charley Williams, said: "We cannot comment on individuals or provide names". However, she added: "Early this year we decided to make full use of our immigration rules to deny individuals entry to the UK in full support of efforts to combat corruption here".

Mwiraria joins his former colleague, Chris Murungaru, in the list of senior individuals in the Kibaki administration barred from traveling to the UK. Mwiraria resigned after being linked to a corruption scandal that shook the Kenyan government. Then, Mwiraria said he was stepping aside in order to clear his name after being mentioned in a report by the Government’s former anti-corruption chief, John Githongo.

The multi-million-dollar ‘Anglo-Leasing’ corruption scam involved contracts for a company that existed only in name. Mwiraria, one of President Kibaki’s key allies, has said the allegations against him are false.

The United Kingdom becomes the second country that has slapped a ban on Biwott. Two years ago, the former powerful minister was barred from entering the US after the American government revoked his entry visa.

Prison break

Kenyans be on the lookout. The Naivasha Prison break was stage-managed to release murder convicts to carry out special assignments for PNU. They want to hit between Thursday and Wednesday next week. Two have since been sighted with STANLEY LIVONDO at a house with a black gate, No. 46B Kyuna Drive. God Save Kenya.

Tunes on majimbo have changed

When central Kenya MPs supported majimbo 13 months to the 2002 General Election, opposition legislators from the region held a marathon meeting that stretched up to 2am and unanimously agreed to back the system. The move was received with shock and scepticism, considering that the lawmakers from the region had been opposed to majimbo.

More than 30 politicians attended the secret meeting held on November 15, 2001 at La Belle Inn in Naivasha. Those in attendance included ministers, Mr Njenga Karume, who chaired the session, Ms Martha Karua, Mr Kiraitu Murungi, Mr David Mwiraria, Mr Njeru Ndwiga, Mr John Michuki, Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri, Mrs Beth Mugo and MPs, Dr Chris Murungaru, Mr Norman Nyagah, Mr David Mwenje, and Mr Matere Keriri, who are curiously today’s harshest critics of majimbo. Many, including former Law Society of Kenya chairman Gibson Kamau Kuria, hailed the MPs’ decision. "It is a prudent idea, however, it should be adopted after addressing the problems caused by tribal clashes of 1992 and 1997," he was quoted saying.

But in a recent newspaper article, the lawyer who now churns out anti-majimbo opinions writes: "Those advocating for majimboism are behaving like the proverbial ostrich and refusing to see the danger it poses. Majimboism has in the past caused much loss of human life and removal of people from their land and businesses."

"Indeed few people are honest about their stand on majimbo and if only the proponents and opponents of the debate were to listen to one another, they would realise that they are actually pulling in the same direction," says Lumumba, an aspirant for Nairobi’s Kamkunji parliamentary seat.

The Central Kenya legislators now maintain that majimbo "in whatever form" is a dangerous system of governance that was found unworkable and thereby rejected way back in the 1960s.

The shifting of goal posts notwithstanding, the two politicians who seem consistent on the majimbo subject are presidential candidates Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. Although nearly half of the legislators who attended the Naivasha meeting were from his Democratic Party, Kibaki, then the Leader of the Official Opposition, skipped the talks. Instead, DP patron and Kiambaa MP, Karume chaired the meeting. Kieni’s Murungaru was secretary.

Reached for comment, Kibaki was non-committal on the subject, saying only that majimbo needed to be properly defined before its viability as an alternative to the unitary system is debated. But his observation that some politicians had misled Kenyans to believe that majimbo would be a panacea for all their economic problems, betrayed his stand on the subject.

Following the Naivasha meeting, DP legislators, Murungaru and Kiunjuri vowed to kick off campaigns for a federal system of government, as it would benefit people in Central Province and productive areas of the Rift Valley. Then, the Central Kenya politicians were persuaded by a host of factors in support for majimbo, key among them that as an economically rich region, the arrangement would enable them create and nurture a super jimbo.

"We contribute 70 per cent of the national income and people like Nassir (late Cabinet minister and one of the strongest majimbo proponents at the time) should know that going majimbo does not threaten us in any way,’’ Kiunjuri told a local daily. However, the MPs set one condition for majimbo — that the provincial boundaries are reworked and people allowed to register in the jimbo (federal state) of their choice.

As in 2001, "majimbo" debate has become a hot cake ahead of next week’s polls. Positions have changed but the arguments for and against remain the same.

New political wave sweeps across Baringo Central

For the first time in decades, voters in Baringo Central and parts of the vast Rift Valley Province are gearing up for a competitive and democratic duel. "Ngot ko samis murian kobo kot nebo!" A political rallying call in Kalenjin, which loosely translates to: "However awful a rat smells, it is always welcome at home," was the consolation for the 40-plus years that the retired president strode the Rift Valley Province and national politics.

"Moi would endure criticism for a whole five years, secure in the knowledge that by invoking native patriotism, even his critics would give him their votes on the voting day," says ODM’s Baringo Central parliamentary candidate Sammy Mwaita. He says the prospect of finally shaking off the Kanu shadow by freely choosing leaders of their choice comes with a sense of liberation and delight.

This is the feeling on the ground as PNU’s Gideon Moi and Mwaita freely fight it out for the parliamentary seat.

Gideon hopes to ride on the goodwill of the locals and connections that his father established to win a second term in office. Mwaita, on the other hand, hopes to capitalise on the ODM wave that is sweeping across the region and country at large. Voters and the political elite have uncharacteristically warmed up to ODM presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, who was Moi’s political foe, having made a career waging a life-long political battle with Moi, who detained him without trial for eight years, six of them in solitary confinement. After his release, Raila eventually played a lead role in toppling Kanu from power in 2002.

Mwaita justifies the Kalenjin community’s support for the ODM leader: "Raila’s persona and public life epitomises assertiveness and unrelenting struggle, and easily captures the imagination of a people seeking a proven and a fearless general to lead a liberation struggle against forces that loom large in people’s minds." Since retired President Moi joined the pre-independence Legislative Council in 1955, he served continuously as the Baringo Central MP representative until he retired in 2002.

For 47 years, the Baringo Central constituents knew no other parliamentary leader.

When Moi retired in 2002 and his son, Gideon, expressed interest to succeed him, there was a prospect for an inaugural electoral fight when former Co-operative Bank executive chairman, Mr Hosea Kiplagat also expressed interest in Kanu nominations together with Ford-People’s candidate, Mr Isaiah Cherutich. City lawyer, Thomas Letangul, was also in the line, among others. However, by voting day, all the contestants had withdrawn from the race at different stages, leaving Gideon to be declared elected unopposed.

This time round, Gideon is battling the ODM wave in the region as well as protests over massive sackings of senior civil servants. Mwaita is the immediate former Commissioner of Lands and like a host of other senior civil servants from the region, he was sacked by the Kibaki administration when it came to power in 2003. "I received a letter saying my services had been terminated on account of change of government and reorganisation. I found this strange as there are no such terms of employment in the Civil Service code," he recalls.

Updated pic

One of our readers sent in this updated picture of dominatrix Lucy dispensing punishment to her lieutenats for failing to stop the "Raira" tide...

Kibaki's Grand Trek to Muthaiga

A frequently asked question, whose answer only lies with President Kibaki, is whether in defeat in the contest for State House, he will take up his Othaya seat.

While one can’t tell if he will win re-election as President, one can bet with certainty he will retain his Othaya seat without sweating. His invincibility in Central Kenya is not in doubt. It is because the President chose, with prodding from those around him, to fight for re-election, that he raised the stakes for himself. For the President it must have been like plotting a coup: it is only ‘illegal’ if it is abortive.

The first, and the most obvious risk, is that of being driven into ignominy along with the tag of Kenya’s first President to be toppled at the ballot. Few African leaders go that way. Which is why in many parts of our continent, it is considered a disgrace to lose office with all its arsenals on hand to use and abuse.

That could explain why the President is doling out whatever is in store — new districts, water and electricity projects, anything the government can give. The backbone of his campaign programme, like in Kanu’s days, is our public resources. The other supportive bone is the provincial administration, which smoothens the ground for incumbents. Used discreetly, it is a powerful force. These days, they need not organise power blackouts during vote counting. More can be achieved with intelligence and information warfare.

The other risk Kibaki took, and which can only make sense as a technicality, is to lose and end up the leader of official Opposition for the second time in his life. That way, he will take over from Kanu chairman, Uhuru Kenyatta, who — because of Kenya’s ongoing tribal realignments — walked the office into Kibaki’s Party of National Unity.

There is also the assumption anchored onto the falling fortunes of Mwingi North MP, Kalonzo Musyoka. The ODM-Kenya candidate is now telling the world he said was waiting for his presidency that he is ready to join anyone on defeat.
It seems that before us is a two-horse race between President Kibaki and Orange Democratic Movement’s candidate, Raila Odinga. The ‘prophets’ do not think so, and are waiting for Godot. The hilarious side is that in the normal order of things, and in a Raila win, Kibaki will be on the opposite side of the House leading the thumping of the feet to ensure that which is against Government passes.

The other risk, and which is not of his making, given his age, and the toll he took from the unfortunate accident in Machakos in 2002, is that he would still try and make whistle-stop tours of the country for days on end and be the awesome hunter.

The final risk, which to me has the funnier side, is that being the first President to carry his ‘bed’ to State House, he will have to endure the media glare in defeat since they will be at all gates to capture on camera the great trek to Muthaiga and Othaya. Photojournalists will shove and elbow each other to get the best picture of the caravan out of State House.

With all this in mind, my answer to the question whether Kibaki will take up his parliamentary seat is ‘No’. It will probably go to one of his children. Who would want to be in the Opposition benches when the ministers you sacked so unceremoniously are in Government? My guess is that not even Kibaki.

These thoughts run through the mind when I see the feeble nature of Kibaki’s campaigns. His rallies are predictable, only the goodies change. PNU is yet to settle down, and Kanu is cunningly carving for itself a place at the high table because Narc-Kenya, where the President initially locked up the strongest of his ministers, has been reduced to the same level as Shirikisho, Mazingira and New Ford Kenya.

The President could be feeling the heat and that is why we had a Kenyatta Day unlike any other. The President simply turned it into his boxing ring with Raila, the object of attacks by his campaigners. The point is that not many in his camp seem to appreciate the many risks he took. They are too busy demonising (nay, lionising) Raila instead of building bridges with communities that long lost trust in his leadership because of the callous and insensitive way it used the surgical knife once it landed on their hands.

There is also the tribal face of the ‘lucrative’ arm of his Government!

But as some argue, maybe they also feel it is too late to mend the broken eggshells Kibaki and his men walked on once in power. However, politicians often take the leap of faith. The problem with this kind of leap is that if it backfires, the consequences are grim...

Raila Odinga exposed (guest post)

Let the truth be told...

As a Kenyan, and to be very specific, a Kikuyu, I want you to allow me address this circulating email, that landed on my mail too, as many of you have received it. How I wish we were in a position to reason out very clearly, and infact avoid such allegations that are baseless and run parallel to the reality on the ground. This is what can be a recipe for civil strife, probably many of you don’t know...

Firstly what is in a name? Raila naming his son Fidel Castro 31 years ago has nothing to do with his policies and character. In any case Fidel Castro is a communist in the hysterical imagination and machination of the United States of America and not to the natives of Cuba; not a single Cuban has complained of dictatorship at all. By the way, Cuba’s economy is one of the best in the world, on account of being the best sugar producing country in the world. It’s therefore not strange that no attempt has been made to overthrow him (on allegations advanced by the US) by the Cubans, despite his bad health.

You all know that he was sick in April; his brother (Raul) became the president until he was well. I have personally interacted with many Luos called Kenyatta and Moi, and yet their parents don’t share similarity of any sort with these leaders. Of course I do know that on the same context a lot of children from Luoland have been named Kibaki lately. Our kinsmen will never ever dare call their children Raila or Tom Mboya or Jaramogi, despite their immense contribution to the liberation of this country. So who is selfish/petty/trivial/ethnic?

It’s not history that Raila’s father declared Kenyatta ”tosha” when the British colonialists were going back home in the year 1963. After 4 years, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga had had it and resigned as the vice president of the republic of Kenya due to rampant corruption in the Kenyatta ranks. Do not mistake me, infact I am an ardent supporter of Mwai Kibaki and will vote him in the 27th of December 2007 elections. My plea is that we shall come of age to reason out together, for the good of ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

It’s not history again that Kenya attained its multi party democracy, through the repeal of section 2A after Raila left detention (having being incarcerated falsely on charges of participating in the 1982 coup). He stayed in detention for 8 years, 6 of them in solitary confinement, during which period investigations were going on and there was no sufficient evidence to stay the charges.

It’s not history once again that Raila Odinga declared Kibaki tosha in 2002. My submission is that he did it out of personal conviction that change was only eminent through Kibaki. If indeed Raila hates Kikuyus as is peddled by this email, he would have stood up, and at the consternation of many, instead said he was "tosha". The crowd at Uhuru Park would have gone wild with ululations, considering the massive support he enjoys in Nairobi.

As Raila was declaring “Kibaki tosha” in Uhuru park on the 14th of October 2002, he was also accompanied by Ngilu, Nyachae, the late Wamalwa, Saitoti, Kamotho and the likes. Why couldn’t any one of them declare “Kibaki tosha”? The reason is simple: no one would have taken them seriously, not even Kibaki’s word for his personal tosha would have changed the tides at all.

We are all aware that Raila’s driver is a Luhya and his PERSONAL SECRETARY a KIKUYU. Honestly, go to all the offices of cabinet ministers and you will be shocked. They all speak their mother-tongue in the office, and including in their vehicles. Who is a tribalist?

Raila’s son is married to one of our own. From my understanding of the Luo customs, and the abrasive Raila we know, the son would not have married a kikuyu at all if Raila was against the marriage. This is therefore a blatant lie, meant to mudsling Hon. Odinga.

Kibaki, after thorough consultations and negotiations with the summit that composed the NARC team, signed the defunct memorandum of understanding (MOU). Raila played his part by declaring “Kibaki Toisha” and even campaigning for him, as he was nursing injuries in the UK, as per the agreement, but Kibaki never responded by acting on his part. He has again gone very quiet to date about why he could not honor the MOU.

It’s now very clear that Odinga is going to be the fourth president of this country. Kibaki lost the opportunity when he sacked the LDP wing of the government after the humiliating defeat at the Referendum. How I wish he sacked all the people who had cheated him since he was sworn in, and even assured him victory at the Referendum... Kibaki would have enjoyed another free ride to State House. Of course, all the opinion polls cannot be wrong...

My emails with attachments show very clearly that my brothers under GEMA are the ones receiving this email. We should be in touch with reality. In fact as I vote for Kibaki, I do know I am voting the next official leader of the opposition! But this will also depend whether he accepts the position or he resigns to pave way for a by-election in Othaya…

Kalonzo is of course our project, but interestingly, we have not made any in-roads with him. No wonder he met Moi last week through Mutula Kilonzo and Daniel Maanzo to be offered the Vice Presidency in a Kikuyu government. Moi, however, said he is grooming his son Gideon for the same. What a confused GEMA I am forced to be part of!

Even as we employ all manner of tactics to retain power, I think this mudslinging on the people’s president will not take us anywhere. Raila has reconciled all the other tribes to his side, except Meru, Kikuyu, Kamba (partly though because Ngilu has gone to him with some) and Embu (comprising the GEMA). We cannot propel our two men, Kalonzo and Kibaki, to power even if we were to sacrifice Kalonzo for Kibaki. Please, we also need to reconcile with the leading camp, to come up with a formidable opposition, but at the same time enjoying the national cake.

Fidel is married to a Kikuyu from a respected family. On the contrary, Kibaki’s daughter is getting married to a wanted international criminal by the name Artur Margaryan. To prove that Winnie Wangui is the daughter of the president, please read the Standard Newspaper of 24th October, the interview of Mary Wambui. I have it oh high authority that the out-going president is leaving for Dubai to attend the wedding before elections…

In closing, let us be very careful, my tribesmen, with the information we are sending to the masses. How many people read emails and how many know the facts?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

NSIS poll leaked...

With only seven days to the General Elections, we have managed to get a hold of the latest NSIS polls and they make for an interesting read:

With 100% voter turnout, Raila will get 63% of the votes while Kibaki will get 17%.

With a 90% turnout, Raila 58%, Kibaki 33%.

With a 80% turnout, Raila 53%, Kibaki 39%.

With 50% turnout, Raila 43%, Kibaki 42%.

Remember, in the Referendum Banana's turnout was 90% while Orange's was a mere 40%...

Monday, December 17, 2007

50 questions

1. Who renegotiated and signed the agreement granting a 20 year extension for the British military to continue training in Laikipia, Nanyuki and Archers post?

2. Why do we find it necessary to allow foreign troops to bomb the crap out of our landscape, littering it and leaving copious amounts of ordnance in their wake, and making our prime game reserves areas practically inhospitable?

3. Who sold off the oil prospecting rights to the entire Kenyan offshore including Lamu (A UN historical site)?

4. Who further parceled out huge tracts of land in North Eastern Kenya to the Chinese government for huge amounts of money, none of which the residents of Northern Kenya will ever see?

5. Was there any competitive bidding for these rights?

6. How many other companies were willing to pay significantly higher sums for these rights in open bidding?

7. Why was the Kenya Sugar Board boss fired?

8. Did you know that by law only the board of directors can do this?

9. Did you know that he was fired for sticking to procedure and opening tender documents at the pre-assigned time and date?

10. Did you know that he refused to allow a late and low bid by a certain consortium?

11. Did you know that the treasury has no legal mandate to take over the bidding for these sugar companies?

12. Did you know that for 40 years the GOK has appointed MDs for Miwani, Muhoroni, Chemelil and Sony sugar factories?

13. Did you know that for those 40 years, they deliberately appointed inept managers who were willing to help the rulers siphon money out of these companies, thus killing the entire industry?

14. Did you know that the GOK wrote off billions of shilling in debts owed by coffee farmers?

15. Did you know that the same was done for Dairy Farmers?

16. And tea farmers?

17. BUT not the Sugar Industry?

18. Do you know why?

19. Do you know how much money from Western Kenya goes into the government’s budget (consolidated fund)?

20. Of this, do you know how much goes back to the same region in terms of recurrent and development expenditure?

21. Do you know who owns Mobitelea?

22. Did you know that if the Safaricom IPO goes through, these illegal and corrupt owners, who should be now in jail in any civilized society, stand to reap Kshs. 2 billion in COLD HARD UNEARNED CASH – FROM POOR ORDINARY KEYANS?

23. Who is trying to sell TELKOM Kenya now?

24. Did it take 5 years to realize the need to privatize this company?

25. Or did it take five years of lining pockets to make an embarrassingly low bid for this dull jewel (nevertheless a jewel)?

26. Who said a 50% stake in Telkom Kenya is worth Ksh 2 billion?

27. Who did that valuation?

28. Did you know that some of the biggest land owners in Kenya are Kenya Telkom and the now ripped off Kenya Railways?

29. So now Kenya Railways has been sold off to a nobody with zero experience in rail management... are the trains moving

30. What about the KR land – is it still there?

31. Did you know we (via our taxes) refurbished Sagana State Lodge for a mesmerizing Kshs. 600,000,000?

32. Did you know that the work is still INCOMPLETE?

33. Did you know that the Head of State has never spent a night there?

34. Did you know that Kshs. 600,000,000 could buy and/or build any residential property in Nairobi – yes, including the State House?

35. Do you know who signed the financing agreement (read loans) to buy so-called frigates for the Kenya Navy?

36. Did you know that what was purchased were OLD FISHING VESSELS fitted with a few motor and torpedo launchers?

37. Do you now feel any safer with these schooners protecting our waters?

38. Do you remember the unveiling of the UHURU HIGHWAY PROJECT by the PresidentT? Have you seen any progress? You may have seen the grading of the road sides. What else?

39. Do you know that the financing was arranged by the Chinese government?

40. And you, your children and your grand children will be paying for this non-starter of a project?

41. Did you know that the Goldenberg scandal cost Kenya 90 billion shillings, or 20% of our current budget? Yes, I thought you would say that it was Moi. What then is Kibaki doing with this man? Why the sudden legitimacy to a known and acknowledged criminal and fraudster?

42. Did you know that the Kibaki government signed several agreements (Anglo Leasing) for projects to be paid by Internationally Accepted Promissory notes and THESE ARE LEGALLY BINDING?

43. Did you know that these will be redeemed, irrespective of who is in State House?

44. Did you know that the Government has mortgaged me and you, via Anglo Leasing projects, to the tune of Kshs. 80 billion? Like it or not, these must be paid back because they are legally binding. Cancelling the project does not remove the obligation.

45. Did you know that nobody in this government has balls enough to arrest and prosecute Mr. Pattni? Of course he would finger them all!

46. Did you know that the only person cleared by the Goldenberg Commission was Musalia Mudavadi?

47. Did you know that the Government of Kenya can nail Ruto, but will not because if they prosecute the case, it will inevitably touch their new found buddy Moi?

48. Do you know who proposed the amendment to the Kenya Constitution making Kenya a de facto one party state?

49. Do you know what a crime of omission is? It is sitting and doing nothing when evil is all around you. If you understand this, then you'll understand where Kibaki was and what he was doing for more than a quarter of a century. He has stood for nothing but maintaining the status quo and "kufuata nyayo".

50. Can anyone clearly and categorically state what role Kibaki played in the Second Liberation and the fight for the freedoms that we now enjoy? I can only remember Oginga Odinga, Gitobu Immanyara, Charles Rubia, Raila Odinga, Martin Shikuku, Okii Ombaka and Kenneth Matiba. I remember Koigi Wamwere, Kijana Wamalwa and Masinde Muliro. I remember the forgotten ones – Miguna Miguna, Wahome Mutai (yes cartoons kept us going!), a mzungu called Smith Hempstone (I could swear huyu alikuwa Kenya damu!), Prof Oyugi, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Okongo Arara, Adungosi Titus and Shem Ogola. I remember Adam Mathenge, Willy Mutunga, Wachira Kamonji, Maina wa Kinyati, Mukaru Nganga, Anyona George, Khaminwa John, Otieno Mak Onyango, Onyango Paddy, K’Oale Muga, Wahinya Bore, Mutuse Thomas, Mugo Micere, Kimani Gecao, Ngugi wa Mirii, Ngweno Hillary, Mwachofi Mwakudua, P.L.O. Lumumba, Gikenya Waititu, Peter “Young” Kihara, Theuri Mugo, Kathangu Njeeru and Wafula Buke.

Kalonzo's wealth declaration dies in the water

In an attempt to paint a "I am clean and honest" picture, Kalonzo Musyoka last week declared his wealth which he claims stands at Kshs. 50 million; a commendable move, and highly praised by most commentators, seeing as this years General Election is slowly but surely gravitating towards a corruption platfrom. What Kalonzo did not count on, however, was common sense on the part of the cursory observer. Kalonzo even adds that he is waiting for Kibaki and Raila to "come clean" about their wealth. Which raises a basic question: is Kalonzo being truthful about his wealth?

Let us see: in the 9th Parliament, Kalonzo grossed in Kshs. 800,000 per month, tax free. That adds to Kshs. 48 million over the five years. Add to the fact that he has been in Parliament for a good 20 years, most of them, if not all, as a Cabinet Minister. Are we now to believe that in 20 years Kalonzo has made only 2 million, with the bulk of his wealth coming in only in the last five years? Also to be taken into account is that for a long time, he was a partner in a successful and highly lucrative Law firm. You do the math...

"Ngo srow...": The genesis of Githongo's tribulations

Hired purely on merit and arguably on additional grounds of "one of our own" in 2003, John Githongo has turned out to be the proverbial hunter who has become the hunted.

This unexpected change of roles led him, in February 2005 to quit his job of hunting down perpetrators of graft and went into exile in the UK. There, he remains a hunted man.

Githongo’s woes began in 2004 when as Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics, he reportedly refused to play ball – an action that he confesses led some of his superior officers in Government to refer to him as "the enemy within".

"Now and again the odd fool would tell me that I have done the Gikuyu community a great disservice. My employment contract did not say Gikuyu Inc. at the top. I was employed by the Kenyan people," said Githongo in an interview early this year.

Unbeknownst to many, though, Githongo was under undue pressure and when he realised, in his own admission, that he had fallen out of favour with the powers-that-be, he resigned in February 2005 without comment. Members of his family, however, hinted that he had received death threats.

The bomb came crashing in January last year, courtesy of a televised interview with the BBC. Armed with photographic and audio evidence, Githongo boldly spilled the beans. He named Vice-President Moody Awori and Cabinet ministers Kiraitu Murungi, then a powerful Justice minister, David Mwiraria (Finance) and Chris Murungaru (Internal Security) for colluding in sleazy contracts worth Sh50 billion, otherwise referred to as the Anglo Leasing scandal. The President was not spared either as Githongo claimed that he was informed of the matter and was often updated on the scam.

The timing of the bombshell was wrong for the Government; it came at a time when President Kibaki was piecing together his Government and repackaging his demoralised lieutenants following a humiliating defeat at the constitutional referendum polls in November 2005. The revelations accordingly rocked a shaky and divided Government. And owing to pressure from LDP allied MPs led by Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, who had been forced out of Government, Mwiraria and Kiraitu opted to resign to give room for investigations.

Former VP Prof George Saitoti, who feature prominently in the earlier Goldenberg scandal, equally offered his resignation. But Awori declined to step aside with some ministers arguing that Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing were scams initiated by the previous Kanu Government.

But Githongo reacted: "Kanu handed us a skunk and we took it home. Not only did we assume the dubious transactions of the past, we went ahead to use the same corrupt model to create our own shady deals. If you take a skunk home willingly, it is yours together with its disturbing fragrance."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steadman discredited as links with Kibaki's men emerge

The relationship between Roger Steadman of Steadman Group and a powerful clique around President Kibaki can now be revealed.

Court documents exclusively obtained show that the pollster has been a close friend of George Muhoho, the de facto head of the Kibaki re-election campaign and Mr Joe Wanjui, the Party of National Unity (PNU) lead trustee and strategist.

So tight has been the friendship that Muhoho once stepped in as Steadman’s father in a Kikuyu traditional marriage ceremony at which Wanjui played spokesman. That was way back in 1998, according to documents from a 2002 court case.

Apart from being Kibaki allies, both Muhoho and Wanjui hold high-profile public positions. Muhoho, a relative of the Kenyatta family, is the Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, while Wanjui is the Chancellor of the University of Nairobi.

The documents that have lifted the lid on Steadman’s best guarded secret— his links with top Kibaki men—stem from a court tussle six years ago between him and a woman, Monique Mukami Kibara, who had worked and lived with him for some time. In the court papers, Kibara had sued Steadman, claiming that she was his wife and wanted part of the property he owned. She was at the time a director of Steadman Research Services Limited and Steadman and Associates (U) Limited.

Even though the two lived together for several years, Steadman’s claim was that he had not completed the marriage ceremony that would have made Kibara his wife. When Steadman visited Kibara’s friends in 1998, he was accompanied by, among others, Muhoho and Wanjui. Wanjui acted as the father of Steadman, while Muhoho acted as a negotiator. "Sometimes in 1998, I was asked by Joe Wanjui to take the place of a negotiator on behalf of the respondent while he (Joe Wanjui) was going to act as the father of the respondent," Muhoho says in an affidavit sworn under oath and filed in the High Court of Kenya. Muhoho said they went to Bahati, Nakuru where they gave Kibara’s mother three live cows and the equivalent of 30 goats in cash.

Mr Steadman has been the target of attacks by the Opposition led by Mr Raila Odinga (ODM) and Mr Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-Kenya), owing to his close links with State House he has been fiddling with the opinion polls carried out by his firm, Steadman Group, to cast the President as placed favourably to win the December 27 General Election. His relationship with these elite has, however, only been mere conjecture until when his links were disclosed.

Lucy does it again!

After a rather long silence, Lady Lucy Kibaki has finally decided to break it and end the year in style. A presidential awards ceremony at State House Nairobi was disrupted when Lucy slapped a government official. Apparently the incident happened so fast that only those on the dias witnessed it.

The principal administration secretary in the Office of the President, Mr Francis Musyimi, was the master of ceremonies at the function at State House Gardens where Kibaki was awarding honours to a number of Kenyans. Also in attendance were Vice President Moody Awori, Cabinet ministers and diplomats. “Your excellency, President Mwai Kibaki, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui...” Musyimi started. But before he could continue with the introductions, Lucy rose from her seat on the dais, walked over to him and slapped him across the face. The dignitaries watched in dismay as Musyimi was then was quickly evacuated from the scene by the presidential security detail, leaving Head of Civil Service, Francis Muthaura, to take over the fateful introductions.

Live footage of the incident, caught on camera by nearly all media houses, was unfortunately lost when the journalists covering the event where frisked and ordered to surrender all recorded material, including their cameras, which were erased before the equipment was returned.

It seems the media always end up as the whipping boys every time Lucy is angered by something, but this latest tirade can be traced to the low opinion ratings the outgoing president is getting on every opinion poll, including the NSIS Report which shows him nearly being overtaken by Kalonzo Musyoka.

Wanjui to Sell Steadman shares

After a major confrontation between the management of Steadman and Joe Wanjui, who has a controlling interest in Steadman's Kenyan operation, the latter is under pressure to offload his shares in the now discredited company.

The management was shocked to realize that Wanjui, who is a close friend of outgoing president Mwai Kibaki, has been manipulating poll results by 'remote control'. This has included bribing the staff of his own company, including polling and data entry clerks, to manipulate data. Sources say Wanjui was confronted with results from NSIS, the national intelligence agency that is responsible for protecting the presidency, which show Raila Odinga having a comfortable 55% lead to Kibaki's 39%. He was further shown evidence of staff confessing that he had approached them.

The management of Steadman is concerned that whereas they have an international reputation to safeguard, Wanjui is willing to sacrifice the reputation of the Kenyan Franchise to achieve short term political ends, as he did with Transparency International. Wanjui retorted that as a billionaire, he has hundreds of other companies he controls and Steadman is now 'worth nothing'. But he has vowed to hold on until the company releases the last in a series of poll results that have become the talk of the country for their inconsistency and violation of basic sampling procedures. That last poll will be released in a fortnight.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Know your Political parties

PNU (a Kikuyu party)
• LANGATA - STANLEY LIVONDO (LUHYA - not a serious candidate, just being used to divide langata votes)

ODM-K (a kamba party)

ODM (a national party)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Mt. Kenya Kibaki succession plan: secret meetings held to dupe and bribe

Uhuru Kenyatta's double-speak about his ambition to become Kenya's President after Kibaki is no surprise. Uhuru Kenyatta is the chosen heir in an elaborate plan by Mt. Kenya politicians to ensure that the Presidency stays with the community beyond 2022. A group of Mt. Kenya politicians have planned how Uhuru will take over the Presidency in 2012 whether or not Kibaki wins another term in December 2007.

Before PNU was formed, Kibaki had held a series of secret meetings with top leaders from Central Province to chart the way forward for the future of the Kikuyu Community after 2007. The meetings started as early as April 2007 when the Kibaki men realized that he had no credible party that could see him get re-elected. Purely Mt. Kenya outfits Narc-Kenya and DP were at the time pressuring him to adopt their ticket amid dissent from non-Kikuyu ministers.

Notably, while the politicians were of the impression that Kibaki should join either of the Mt. Kenya parties, Kibaki's golfing buddies now entrenched in government, parastatals and in Mt. Kenya owned TransCentury share-trading and acquisition company were busy working on a formula that would see Kibaki re-elected at the same time ensuring that the presidency remains with the Kikuyu beyond 2012.

Handwritten minutes of meetings show that the planners - the athuri group - are so secret that even members of the Ameru and Aembu are not included. The argument is that these communities will obviously support a Kikuyu come 2012 because they have no option. To this end, it was agreed that Kiraitu Murungi and David Mwiraria be returned to the cabinet to ensure "they are for ever grateful" and to win the loyalty of the Ameru. It came as no surprise that it was Lucy Kibaki who made hints of their return which was effected speedily. Minutes show the group nicknamed itself "athuri".

About the same time, the athuri secretive group comprising of Kibaki as chairman, Njenga Karume and John Michuki as alternate chairmen, Mary Wambui, Jimmy Kibaki, Judy Kibaki, Eddy Njoroge, George Muhoho, Stanley Murage, Nat Kangethe, Bishops Arthur Gitonga and George Gathii, and Cyrus Gituai (PS OP) were holding meetings with the retired president Moi's group of Nicholas Biwott, Ezekiel Bargetuny, Gideon Moi, Sila Yego and Uhuru to layout the post-Kibaki succession plan.

Ready to play ball as usual were Luhya leaders in the then GNU. A plot was hatched to have Ford-Kenya take the lead in the formation of PNU thereby hide the true intention of the Mt. Kenya boys. In one meeting it was agreed that Musikari Kombo was more pliable, weak and dumb enough to be used. That Kombo was weak on his Western Province turf after invasion by ODM was cited as reason enough for him to play errand boy without question. "Nyamu eno ahoyaga matigio. Reke tomuhe ihindi" (this animal worships leftovers. Let's give him a bone to chew), Kibaki is said of Kombo in reference to empty departments given to Kombo's cronies after he threw a tantrum following a post-referendum new cabinet in 2005.

Not surprisingly, in a recent tour of Western Province, Kibaki told Kombo and company including Moody Awori that he will include him in his cabinet. It was strange given that the president found it necessary to make this promise when all parties under PNU should automatically be in Cabinet after elections. Was this an attempt to stem some disquiet regarding the president's mean trick of short-changing partners? Was this reassurance to Kombo and meant to appease Luhya voters who have lost faith and trust that Kibaki, an introverted tribalist, can never honour a promise? Problem is, there is no party Kombo can use to negotiate for positions in the post-elections cabinet. This is because Ford-Kenya has been swallowed by PNU and is fielding no candidates!

Earlier, in the athuri meeting, it was also argued that Kombo's never-ending ambition to be "given" the vice presidency was a great enticement to have him play blind ball. His desperation for money was also used fully. No less a person than his nemesis Soita Shitanda of Malava has accused Kombo of being in PNU for the money. It is instructive that while all parties under PNU have their own candidates, only Ford-Kenya failed to field a single candidate of its own. The ECK register shows that all former Ford-Kenya MPs in Bungoma, including Kombo are running on PNU. It means that Ford-Kenya is finally dead.

That's how the equally quick-to-please Noah Wekesa was recruited to lead a façade of forming PNU while the backroom Muthaiga boys worked on a parallel plan. It is notable that immediately Wekesa thought he had clinched it with PANU, the Mt. Kenya boys took it over renamed it PNU and got busy swallowing all the other parties other than Kanu. Wekesa's cries of betrayal were to no avail. His boss Kombo, as usual was more interested in the cash handouts that comes with "horse trading" than protecting his sidekick or the interests of Ford-Kenya.

Back to the issue of the Kibaki succession, Uhuru finally agreed to join the Kibaki team but was given enough concessions as the heir-in-waiting: First, Kanu would field independent candidates but who will be funded by PNU to ensure Kanu becomes strong since PNU would disintegrate by 2009 and a win or lose by Kibaki would have prepared Uhuru to inherit the Mt. Kenya vote. Second, the bad blood between Uhuru and Moi over his association with ODM would be cleansed by the appointment as ministers of Gideon Moi, Nick Salat, Paul Sang and Nicholas Biwott in a Kibaki government. As it were only Paul Sang got the appointment earlier than after the elections. These appointment promises remain intact for after 2008 and are the reason Moi and company are campaigning hard for Kibaki in Rift Valley. Third, through such association with Moi's boys and should Kibaki lose, Kanu would have re-established a foothold in Central Kenya and the Rift Valley, and with Moi's support in the Rift Valley, Uhuru will be president and Gideon Moi the vice in 2012.

When it came to other communities and other competitors, the athuri prevailed upon Kibaki to abandon the ambitions of Awori, Kombo, Kituyi, Saitoti, Martha Karua and Kirwa as inconsequential. This was after Kibaki was presented with secret research evidence from Mutahi Ngunyi, who has since moved to State House. Mutahi reported that other than Karua, the pretenders to the throne would all loose their seats in the 2007 elections. Chipped in Karume in reference to Karua "Mwari wa muthambia kioro afataire kuihura/kuithambia mbere...." (The daughter of a toilet cleaner should wipe herself first!) – a derogatory reference to Kirinyaga people whom mainstream Kikuyu refer to as toilet cleaners. The slur was acquired in colonial times when the Kirinyaga dominated the city council cleansing department).

As for Saitoti, it was felt that he was an outsider who carried too much baggage from the Goldenberg scum. He was seen to be "disloyal" in his earlier announcement that he would vie against Kibaki in this year's elections. The Kiambu Muranga axis of the athuri felt that Saitoti ambitions for 2012 did not augur well for Uhuru. Michuki reported he had met Moi who has no time for his former VP, and that consideration of Saitoti would antagonize Moi whom Saitoti blamed for the Goldenberg theft.

To placate Moi, the athuri minutes report to Kibaki refers to " Gacamia/Gathakaria ga gukenia Moi" (or a sweetener to appease Mzee Moi). It has now emerged that the sweet for Moi is a plot to ensure Saitioti looses the Kajiado North parliamentary seat. It is with this hindsight the Saitoti is under siege from DP's Lee Kinyanjui and blames "someone" in PNU. And Saitoti is very uncomfortable at the moment with the Kibaki Group even going as far as claiming that PNU wants him to loose the Kajiado North seat. These fears are well founded as the athuri feel that Saitoti is an outsider in Central Province and therefore not the best bet for the Presidency even after Kibaki.

Part of their minutes show the athuri discussed ways of dealing with the imminent fallout with other communities in 2012. The Luhya as a community are dismissed as peaceful and would be grateful for anything. Kombo despite promises was ruled out as a running mate. Moody's influence in Western Province was found lucking and Kombo, Kituyi and Wekesa were seen to have succumbed to the ODM wave in the Province. " Manegere Mathagu ma guku na nimakurota kuubuka", (Give them some chicken wings and they will dream of flying), Michuki is quoted dismissing any worries about Luhya support for Kibaki.

The meeting thus decided that " Gutuma atongoria abaluhya mecirie nimakugia ufata munene kuri thirikari Kibaki ashinda'( to give the Luhya leaders the impression that they will be a major part of Kibaki's government if he wins). The emphasis was that these leaders should be made to work for Kibaki since their worth as vote-getters had diminished. This seems to be the "decoy" assurance Kibaki was promising on his recent tour.

When PNU was taken over, it was decided that Kibaki give other parties like Ford-Kenya and Ford-People, the illusion that they are part of PNU. Only Kombo took this bait and Ford-K is the only party that is headed to oblivion in the PNU. Secretly, Kikuyu parties like Safina, Narc-Kenya and DP were to be allowed to "revolt" and field candidates in their own names in the nominations. Kombo is being made to believe that he is a co-owner of PNU and therefore a future VP. However, in a telling game of juggling the liver ala Michuki, the athuri have argued that after elections, Ford-Kenya would be dead. The plot was to ensure Kombo got money to stand on PNU and let Ford-Kenya die. It is interesting that the ECK lists Kombo and his Bungoma cohorts as all standing on PNU!

Hence, the Kibaki athuri hatched a plot to keep all the non-Kikuyu members of PNU hopeful. However, the confidential athuri minutes show that after the elections and incase Kibaki wins, he will form an alliance with Kalonzo Musyoka as VP because Kibaki will only have Kikuyu MPs. The athuri also argue that most other provinces are already lost to ODM and there will be no need to reward "aragoli" (Mt. Kenya name for the Luhya) after they reject Kibaki.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi's brief, to boost turnout, all Kibaki needs to do is ensure large turnouts in Central where the "unattached voter" will be helped to vote. This is reference to double registration occasioned by national IDS numbers being shared by several voters and those also of dead voters given to other people. It is quite alarming that most cases termed "double registration" by the ECK are actually ID numbers of other voters outside Mt. Kenya and the dead ones now given Kikuyu names and allocated voters cards. The rigging ploy is that while the original holder of the legitimate ID number will be denied voting because of double registration, the imposter in Central Kenya will have voted.

While analyzing the situation in Rift Valley, the athuri considered the consequences of naming Kipruto Kirwa as Kibaki's running mate, an idea they said originated from a meeting former President Daniel Arap Moi had held with Narc-Kenya chairman Raphael Tuju in Nakuru in October. Moi had argued that promising Kirwa a running mate position to Kibaki (without intending to make him VP) would clip the ODM wave in Rift Valley. This, it is explained, would make Kalenjins vote for Kibaki since former Eldoret North MP William Ruto who is a member of the powerful ODM Pentagon is not Raila Odinga's running mate.

But Moi's suggestion was rejected as the athuri argued that it would be very difficult to dump Kirwa after the elections were he to be named the running mate. Mutahi argued that Uhuru's support from the Kalenjin in 2012 would be jeopardized as the Kalenjin would rebel again. " Dukayihie mbogo ithitio. Nitutihitie andu aya maita meri matikugueterera gutihio ka gatatu", warned Ngunyi, who is married to a Kalenjin, in his presentation. Loosely translated, it means "Never underrate a wounded Buffalo. We have wounded these chaps twice – using them in 2002 against Moi and firing them after for Moi's mistakes. They will not wait for a third wound". The athuri finally decided that the VP slot should be left vacant and dangled to all communities especially the Luhya and the Kalenjin to vote for Kibaki.

Apparently, while Kibaki needs Moi's help, the athuri acknowledge that Moi is a danger given the Kroll Report, which revealed that the former President and his family looted public coffers more than Kshs.130 billion. They have decided to restrict Moi to campaigns against ODM in Rift Valley where they believe corruption by Moi is not an issue. Yet some members in the group are cautious with this arrangement arguing that it may backfire and hurt Kibaki on the platform of Corruption. It is with this in mind that an anxious Moi, whose moles had leaked the reservations by the athuri to him, met Kibaki at State House Nakuru for 45 minutes on November 29, 2007.

Sources reveal that Moi wanted assurance that Kibaki would not renegade on a secret deal never to prosecute Moi and his family for crimes committed during his era. To secure protection Moi secured a free ride to Parliament for his sons and his private sectraty, John Lokorio in three constituencies on a Kanu ticket. Moi who had just arrived back from Ethiopia contributed Kshs3 billion to Kibaki's campaign kitty.

However, a clever Moi said the money will be used by him in Kibaki Tena campaigns in Rift Valley against Raila. Moi is now funding all the pro-Kibaki candidates in the province. It is also believed that it is from this money that leaflets against Raila are being produced and distributed in Rift Valley.

The more dastardly of the cash use is the funding of ethnic clashes in Molo. Kikuyu and Kalenjin youth are being paid to kill and burn houses belonging to Kisii migrant workers in the area in an attempt to cut down ODM votes in the native Kisii-Nyanza. The pro-Kibaki media have deliberately chosen to focus on source interviews and name-tag captions showing the Kisii as the victims. Yet this is not new. It is the third phase after the failure when government ignited ethnic flare-ups on the Kisii-Kalenjin border at Sondu mid this year as the ODM wave hit fever pitch in the country. The second phase failed where widows and orphans would be paid to parade themselves as victims of ethnic clashes in Kisii. It looks like Moi has now gone for the real ones by igniting the Kuresoi killings.