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A NEW GOVERNANCE AGENDA FOR KENYA - Raila Odinga's statement at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on 22nd September 2007


Press statement delivered at JKIA, Nairobi, 22 September 2007
By Hon Raila Amolo Odinga MP

WHO WOULD HAVE imagined a conspiracy of fate that today - in September of 2007 - political forces in our beloved country have realigned themselves as malevolently as they have.

Today, the Daniel arap Moi who was evicted from State House 5 years ago has effectively returned there.

And the man who served as his Vice President, Mwai Kibaki who is now the constitutionally elected head of state is also in the same State House. And recently he has sadly been joined there by the Official Leader of the Opposition, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta.

Home guards who castrated freedom fighters now manage our security system, and the individuals from the Moi kleptocracy era continue to head and manage our civil service and the parastatals. Kenyans are once again at the mercy of the repressive and regressive forces.

The second liberation has been consumed by the authors of KenRen, Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing. The very same men who turned Kenya into one of the most corrupt nations on the planet have united in an attempt to hold onto power once again so that they can continue enriching themselves and their friends. To woo the wanainchi for their votes, stolen funds will be poured and they shall be constantly reminded of their differentness along tribal lines. The time has come to bring this vicious cycle to an end for good!

Everywhere I went during my recent safari overseas I heard the same weary complaints from Kenyans and foreigners about corruption. I would like to make a solemn promise to the Kenyan people today with regard to corruption in particular and governance in general.

Our ODM administration will implement a governance agenda to fundamentally transform the way Kenya is governed and end the game of geriatric musical chairs by thieves and would-be thieves that we have witnessed for decades.

The ODM's governance agenda is based on the premise that the single issue on which Kenyan minds are most concentrated is on equity. The lack of fairness fuels inequality, undermines governance institutions, weakens social cohesion and generally holds Kenya back from playing its rightful political and economic role on the regional and international stage. In my view "Equitably we share, together we prosper".

Our agenda will be achieved via seven interlinked pillars.

1. Constitutional Reform: This is the national contract between the governed and those who govern them. A key measure for ensuring equity shall be the integration of measures that promote Executive Accountability in the new Constitution via creation of the post of Prime Minister, including devolution of power. Executive Accountability will start at the top of the Government with the President who shall be answerable to the Kenyan people and not an aloof monarchical character who delivers development that should be a right as if it is a gift to be distributed prior to elections.

Subsidiary measures include abolishing the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs – after all constitutional reform will be done.

2. Growth for the People: The economic programme initially conceived for the NARC administration in 2002 was aimed at Growth for Employment Creation. Today's growth is for 0.5 million Kenyans while poverty deepens for the other 33 million – especially the youth. ODM's economic programme will be anchored on the Kenyan dream, that is, economic justice and prosperity.

To the business community my Government shall be a service provider, and an enabler and facilitator in the process of their making profits, paying taxes and creating jobs. Gone will be the days of economic growth, in spite of, rather than in partnership with government.

3. Justice, Truth and Restitution: Past economic crimes hold Kenya's political class hostage to their own past crimes; it has compromised our ruling elite and corrupted our politics and public service. It is this that has led to the weary endless questions about where the clean people in politics in Kenya are.

Our administration would bring closure to past economic crimes via a process of Justice, Truth and Restitution. This shall include asset recovery and amnesty where restitution has been made. To this end we are finalising what we shall call the Usawa Restitution Instrument for just this purpose. For those who admit, declare and repay there shall be forgiveness. For those who forget or pretend to forget their past abuses there shall be a heavy price to pay.

The principle of restitution has ancient African roots. There are powerful historical precedents for a process that shall be aimed at facilitating the act of restoring to the rightful owners that which has been taken away, lost, or surrendered in the past. A process driven by equity - making good or compensating for past loss, damage, and injury; is what we are proposing. We intend to return to the Kenyan people what is rightfully theirs.

My belief in the importance of this is not new. In the early days of the NARC administration I was part of the Cabinet Committee Against Corruption that resolved to trace, freeze and repatriate the proceeds of past economic crime that were now in foreign domiciles. Early in 2003 a representative of the internationally renowned risk advisory firm Kroll was introduced to me in London. I invited him to Nairobi and introduced him to the Secretary of the Cabinet Committee against Corruption, John Githongo, then PS in the Office of the President. They were later introduced to the Cabinet Committee against Corruption formally, and appointed to start the work. Incomplete version of their report was recently leaked on the internet. There is more to come. Our administration would pick up this ball and run with it as part of our Justice, Truth and Restitution and its critical Usawa Restitution Instrument.

4. Our administration shall also be a Listening Government and the Public Complaints Unit that was recently announced shall be transformed into a fully fledged Office of the Ombudsman.

5. We shall implement the principle of Transparency in Public Affairs: To this end our government would genuinely implement the Public Officer Ethics Act and go further to facilitate the open disclosure of wealth declarations: starting with the President - me!

6. Fighting Corruption: The current government was never serious about the fight against corruption. Recent reversals with regard to the Economic Crimes Act shall be critically reviewed by our Government. We will review with speed and clarity the entire anti-corruption infrastructure with a view to its rationalisation. This shall include in particular reviewing, rationalising and strengthening the capacity of the Attorney General's Office and that of the Solicitor General.

Over recent days we have heard the most expensive, ineffective, duplicitous and, I would add, hypocritical public servant in Kenyan history – Aaron Ringera – blame parliament for the so-called difficulties he has faced in his drama of pretending to fight corruption. This man owes a great debt to the Kenyan people morally and financially. On Anglo Leasing for example he has traversed the entire world at great expense pretending to find who the principles behind Anglo Leasing are when an entire nation of 33 million – from parking boy to chief executive - can tell him that Anglo Leasing is right here in Kenya! And it has Kenyan faces and even on occasion speaks Kimeru like him! The last remaining theatregoers left watching the Ringera saga are the representatives of bilateral and multilateral organisations. They mislead their bosses with the notion that Kenya is making huge strides in the fight against corruption. So the expensive tenure of the Chief Executive of the KACC, his fellow directors and the institution as a whole shall be rationalised.

7. Our Governance Strategy shall implement the principle of Equity in Public Service: The Public Service Commission will also specifically address issues of gender and regional equity in public appointments and do in a transparent manner.

Presidential Candidate 2007
Orange Democratic Movement

Moi encounters hostile crowd in Aldai

All I can say is that Moi should have known better and laid "low like an envelope." He is now seeing things that he has never seen before in his life.

Moi turned up at a fundraising function in Aldai constituency only to be greeted by chants of “ODM! ODM!”

Tempers flared and the crowd got worked up when area MP Jimmy Choge ordered them not to vote for Raila Odinga in the Presidential race.

When Moi stood up to address them, he directed them to raise the one finger Kanu salute. But only a handful did so, while most of the crowd stubbornly kept their hands down. Still, Moi chastized the crowd, adding that they would "deeply regret supporting ODM blindly."

Former nominated MP Ezekiel Bargentuny criticized the crowd, accusing them of being hired to embarrass the former President.

Realizing that his hard stance was getting nowhere with the charged crowd, Moi then pleaded with them to vote for Kibaki so that the Kalenjin community could be included in the next government.

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Kalonzo Musyoka's curious Presidential campaign

For most of last week and into this week, ODM-K Presidential hopeful Kalonzo Musyoka has been campaigning in Ukambani, spending considerable time in his own backyard and the neighbouring constituencies, including that of Health Minister Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

This is rather strange for a national Presidential candidate. My understanding of campaigns is that the Presidential candidate concentrates on gaining votes in more "difficult" Provinces and sends reps to the area of his bedrock of support.

It has been widely reported in the media that Hon. Kalonzo has had difficulties campaigning in areas of Rift Valley where charged crowds accuse him of being a traitor. The presidential hopeful has also met with hostile reception in one or two other areas in the country. So it would seem that as a result, Kalonzo now prefers to campaign closer to home...

US$1.5 billion Charter House of horrors

Charter House Bank (CHB) wasn't the biggest bank in Kenya. In fact by the time it was placed under statutory management last year it was ranked 26th. But CHB was not a normal bank. At the same time as having most of its branches within Kenya's largest supermarket chain (Nakumatt) it moved tens of millions of dollars in single transactions around the world. It was not so much in the business of keeping people's assets as moving them.

Its first claim to notoriety was a botched anti-money laundering operation against an account holder called Crucial Properties, who in 2001 received 25 million US Dollars from Liechtenstein for the purposes of "property development and trading in Africa." The account holder also ran a minor eatery in Nairobi which financial detectives didn't think suggested the ability to attract tens of millions of legitimate dollars. The 25 million dollars vanished one day after the courts let through a stay order against the investigators. Thus began a suspicion that CHB was in the business of laundering the proceeds of illegal business, and in fact constituted a threat to national security. Just three years before, al-Qaeda terrorists had bombed the US Embassy in Nairobi, killing 214 people.

Today CHB stands accused of being at the centre of a complicated series of financial scams, tax evasion schemes and money laundering operations that saw billions of Kenyan shillings (hundreds of millions of US Dollars) expatriated from the country by unidentified persons. Close to 100 accounts have been investigated by Kenyan financial police, anti-corruption officials and the Central Bank itself. Questions have been asked in Parliament and by foreign diplomats, and at least two whistleblowers have fled the country to take up asylum in the USA. CHB was the subject of a special audit by the Government of Kenya published here for the first time. At stake is over 1.5 billion dollars worth of transactions, which dwarf most scandals in a country known for mega-corruption.

Investigating this fraud may have cost a former Governor of the Central Bank his job. Certainly, virtually all those hired to investigate CHB have either fled into exile or been moved off the case. So it doesn't surprise some, that the Kenyan Finance Ministry is accused of foot-dragging in a scandal which the Government's own secret audit claimed "threatens the stability of the Kenyan economy." For some strange reason, CHB appears to enjoy political protection at the highest levels in Kenya.

The advantage Kibaki will enjoy if he fires Nyachae and Mwakwere now

Kibaki's government's condemning of election violence over the weekend means absolutely nothing. We have seen this kind of lip service paid before.

In 1991 and 1992, there was plenty of evidence to suggest that the government then was financing the tribal clashes in the Rift Valley. But we saw some very strong statements from President Moi condemning the clashes with the usual fairy tales: the government is in control of the situation, et cetera, et cetera.

Unfortunately, the only thing that can convince Kenyans is action. For starters, the president should distance himself from Simeon Nyachae and his actions. A slap on the wrist is not enough. He then needs to sack the roads minister with immediate effect. And while at it, he also needs to fire his other cabinet Minister, Ali Makwere, who has given his government a very bad image.

During a live call-in show on KTN last week, a caller asked the minister about his alleged sighting at the notorious Koinange Street. Makwere then swiftly (but predictably) lost his cool on live TV and answered back, sarcastically, that he was looking for his (caller’s) mother to make love to. This is abusive...

Are all the polls putting Raila ahead of Kibaki rigged?

The latest Steadmann poll puts ODM presidential hopeful, Raila Odinga slightly ahead of President Kibaki. 44% of those polled said that they would vote for Raila while 40% said they preferred President Kibaki. Only 10% said that they would for Kalonzo Musyoka.

This is the only survey by Steadmann where they have revealed the financing of the survey. This particular one was paid for by the Standard Newspapers group.

However, the poll was conducted ONLY in Nairobi.

Still, this is very surprising because most analysts have always been sure of a Kibaki victory in Nairobi.

Of course there are also those who believe that any poll that puts Raila ahead of Kibaki has been rigged or is just plain propaganda.

All the figures coming in tell a story that nobody wants to believe. They seem to suggest that if the elections were held today, Raila Odinga would not only win, he would win by a landslide.

Other strategies to halt Raila’s popularity that even I thought would work very effectively seem to be falling flat. For instance, the circumcision thing that Simeon Nyachae tried to pull off in his Kisii stronghold has backfired badly and we are seeing photographs on the front page of newspapers of Kisii people burning effigies of Mr Nyachae.

Similarly, deep in Central province there seems to be strong discontent with the Kibaki administration...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blast from the past...

Cartoon ©

Way back in 2005 (read Referendum), a lot of people thought beating their gums would win the show. Now, unfortunately, they wish they hadn't. Here are some gems from the run up to the 2005 Constitutional Referendum. Enjoy!

"Physically resist encroachment by the Orange team into Nyandarua."
-Hon. Thirikwa Kamau, Immediate Former MP for Ndaragwa, 10th October 2005 at Njambini Grounds

"Squatters should continue occupying the late JM Kariuki’s land." [this notwithstanding a court order to vacate]
-Hon Amos Kimuya, Min for Lands & Housing, and MP for Kipipiri, on 24th October 2005 at Ol Kalou.

“Wakisimamisha pension ya Moi, then Wakalenjin na Wakamba watavamia State House."
-Hon Daudi Mwanzia, MP for Machakos Town, 15th October 2005 at Iten Stadium.

"Chase away commissioner Mutaha Kangu once he lands in Subukia for civic education."
-Hon Koigi wa Wamwere, MP for Subukia on 28th October 2005 at Kabazi.

“Raila the monster should be hit on the head and killed so as not to destabilize the Kibaki government."
-William Wambugu, Councillor, Mukaru Ward on 6th November 2005 in Tetu.

“No one knows whether Uhuru ever got circumcised since he studied abroad. But I want to tell you that since he will come to lie to you here, we should all position ourselves strategically in the various exit points. Then we strip him naked and establish whether he is circumcised."
-James Gathaka, Former Mayor of Nyeri, 6th November in Tetu.

“If we pass this Constitution, the Orange Team should not step in Meru unless they remove their flags.”
-Hon Peter Munya, MP for Tigania East, 7th November in Tigania.

“People should prepare for war if NO wins.”
-Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri, MP for Laikipia East on 28th October 2005 at Kabazi.

“Do not to allow any group of Orange campaigners to address [you] since [you have] pledged [your] allegiance to vote yes.”
-Hon Petkay Miriti, Assistant Minister for Industry, 15th October 2005, Chuka Town.

“Wale hawajatahiri peleka jandoni."
-Hon Simeon Nyachae, Minister for Energy & MP for Nyaribari Chache, 15th October 2005 in Ndumberi.

[Kalonzo is lost, Kambas do not walk with uncircumcised men] “gutie mwikamba uthisaga na ivisi.”
-Hon Njeru Ndwiga, Minister for Cooperatives & MP for Manyatta, 8th October 2005, Maua Stadium.

“They hate us because we are hard working. Luos just go fishing and fish is free, and then ask the government for relief maize to make ugali."
-Hon Alfred Nderitu, MP for Mwea, 5th November 2005 at Kerugoya

“Debate about the constitution stopped long ago when Raila and his group started scheming on how to usurp power from our tribe. Now the big question is, are you surrendering power to Raila or not? You have to turn out in large numbers on November 21st or else this Luo takes over power from us. We are three million while the Luos are only seven hundred thousand.”
-Hon Muhika Mutahi, immediate Former MP for Mukurweini, 6th November in Tetu.

“Delamere kills Africans like dogs, the new constitution will teach him and the settlers a lesson since their land will revert to the government.”
-Hon P.G. Mureithi, MP for Nyeri Town, 6th November in Tetu.

“The way I was born holding a microphone is the way Raila was born holding a stone with his people, fighting all the time.”
-Hon Kalembe Ndile, MP for Kibwezi, 5th November 2005 in Nunguni Market.

“Should the draft constitution pass, Parliament should add a section that demands every man of age to get circumcised. A campaign on circumcision should be launched by the government.”
-Hon James Njiru, Former MP , 5th November at Kerugoya.

“That Asian who was brought here called Prof Yash Pal Ghai went to Sri lanka and wrote a Constitution like the one he brought to Bomas. Immediately he left, people in Sri lanka were already slaughtering each other even worse than the Tutsis. We kikuyus are many, we are found all over including Mombasa, Kisumu, isiolo. We should then turn out in large numbers to vote so that we are not defeated.”
-Hon Mutahi Kagwe, MP for Mukurweini, 6th November 2005

“The drivers of the No campaign are all disabled fellows and this mugithii imeisha brakes.”
-Hon Njeru Ndwiga, Minister for Cooperatives, MP for Manyatta, 17th October 2005 in Runyenjes

“Mombasa nzima watu wote ni masquota kwa sababu ya Waarabu kutoka Zanzibar.”
-Hon Kalembe Ndile, MP for Kibwezi, 4th November 2005 in Makindu.

“Wengi wenu mumesoma hii report ya constituency levels of poverty Kenya yote. Ukienda mahali kama Nyanza province, huko watu hawafanyi kazi wanangojea watu wa Central wafanye kazi, kazi yao ni kungojea.”
-Hon Elias Mbau, MP for Maragua, 5th November 2005 in Muranga.

“Hii samaki people hawatosheki.”
-Hon Paul Muite, MP for Kabete, 10th October in Naivasha.

The Kroll Report gets a cold reception in Nairobi

Cartoon ©Patrick "Garth" Gathara

"We want every Kenyan, who is trustworthy and patriotic, to decide that we will fight corruption in all ways, and that we will have no sympathy for anyone who will try to loot public property." -Mwai Kibaki, 30th December 2002

The breathtaking extent of corruption perpetrated by the family of the former Kenyan leader Daniel Arap Moi was exposed last night in a secret report that laid bare a web of shell companies, secret trusts and frontmen that his entourage used to funnel hundreds of millions of pounds into nearly 30 countries including Britain.
The 110-page report by the international risk consultancy Kroll, seen by the Guardian, alleges that relatives and associates of Mr Moi siphoned off more than £1bn of government money. If true, it would put the Mois on a par with Africa's other great kleptocrats, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) and Nigeria's Sani Abacha.

The assets accumulated included multimillion pound properties in London, New York and South Africa, as well as a 10,000-hectare ranch in Australia and bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of pounds.
The report, commissioned by the Kenyan government, was submitted in 2004, but never acted upon. It details how:

· Mr Moi's sons - Philip and Gideon - were reported to be worth £384m and £550m respectively;

· His associates colluded with Italian drug barons and printed counterfeit money;

· His clique owned a bank in Belgium;

· The threat of losing their wealth prompted threats of violence between Mr Moi's family and his political aides;

· £4m was used to buy a home in Surrey and £2m to buy a flat in Knightsbridge.

Kroll said last night it could not confirm or deny the authenticity of the report.
The Kroll investigation into the former regime was commissioned by President Mwai Kibaki shortly after he came to power on an anti-corruption platform in 2003. It was meant to be the first step towards recovering some of the money stolen during Mr Moi's 24-year rule, which earned Kenya the reputation as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

But soon after the investigation was launched, Mr Kibaki's government was caught up in its own scandal, known as Anglo Leasing, which involved awarding huge government contracts to bogus companies.
Since then, none of Mr Moi's relatives or close allies has been prosecuted. No money has been recovered. Three of the four ministers who resigned after the Anglo Leasing scandal was exposed have since been reinstated.

Last night, the Kenyan government confirmed that it received the Kroll report in April 2004. But Alfred Mutua, the government spokesman, said it was incomplete and inaccurate, and that Kroll had not been engaged to do any further work.

"We did not find that the report was credible. It was based a lot on hearsay." He said the leaking of the report was politically motivated and insisted Kenya was working with foreign governments to recover the stolen money. "Some of the money is in UK bank accounts. We have asked the British government to help us recover the funds, but so far they have refused."

The report was obtained by the website Wikileaks, which aims to help expose corruption. The document is believed to have been leaked by a senior government official upset about Mr Kibaki's failure to tackle corruption and by his alliance with Mr Moi before the presidential election in December.

On Tuesday Mr Moi said he was backing Mr Kibaki for a second term, saying he was disappointed that "selfish individual interests have been entrenched in our society". Mr Moi remains an influential figure in Kenya and his endorsement is expected to go some way to ensuring his successor's re-election.

In the Kroll report the investigators allege that a Kenyan bank was the key to getting vast sums of money of out of the country via its foreign currency accounts. The same bank had already laundered $200m (£100m) on behalf of the late Mr Abacha, with the assistance of a Swiss-based "financier".

"It is believed that twice as much was laundered through the same system by the Mois," the report said.
Kroll confirmed last night that it had previously done work for the Kenyan government. A company spokesman was given extracts of the report seen by the Guardian. "We cannot confirm or deny that this report is what it purports to be," he said. "Nor can we talk about the scope, content or results of any work we have done for the government of Kenya, which remains confidential."

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The 2007 Conundrum

Kibaki's "Government Of National Unity"

FINANCE MINISTRY (Controls Finance, Banking, & Economy in general)
Minister - Amos Kimunya - Kikuyu
Asst. Minister- Peter Kenneth - Kikuyu
Permanent Secretary - Joseph Kinyua - Kikuyu
Economic Secretary - Kamau Thuge - Kikuyu
Pensions secretary - Anne Mugo - Kikuyu
Budgetary director -P.B Ngugi - Kikuyu
ERD director - Kenneth Mwangi - Kikuyu
D/Finance secretary - Mwirichia -Meru

Governor- Prof. Ndungu - Kikuyu (curious appointment in an election year!)
Dep. Governor - John Gikonyo -Kikuyu

Chairman - Phillip Njuki - Kikuyu
Chief Executive Officer - David Wachira - Kikuyu

1. Commisssioner General: Michael Waweru - Kikuyu
2. Board Secretary: Mrs Ngang'a - Kikuyu
3. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Joseph Nduati -Kikuyu
4. Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Namu Nguru - Embu/Meru
5. Deputy Commissioner, Administration: Mr Karimi - Meru
6. Deputy Commissioner Procurement: Ms Murichu - Kikuyu
7 Commissioner Customs: Mrs. Wambui Namu - Kikuyu
8. Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): Ms Githinji -Kikuyu
9. Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement (Customs): Mr Maina -Kikuyu
10. Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Ms Wachira - Kikuyu
11. Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO) Mr Njiraini - Kikuyu
12. Deputy Commissioner: Mrs Mwangi - Kikuyu
13. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Mrs King'ori - Kikuyu
14. Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: Major Kariuki - Kikuyu
15. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: Wagachira - Kikuyu

Board Chair- Chege Waruingi - Kikuyu
CEO - Edward N'talami - Meru

Chief Procurement Officers - 23 out of 36 first appointees are all from GEMA. Rest of Kenya = the remaining 13

Chairman of Board - Nelius Kariuki - Kikuyu
Chief Executive Officer - Johnson Githaka - Kikuyu
Financial controller - John Kinyua - Kikuyu
(The latter two were just recently sacked for grand corruption)

Minister - Prof George Saitoti - Kikuyu
Asst. Minister(s) - Beth Mugo - Kikuyu
Kilemi Mwiria - Meru
Permanent Secretary - Karega Mutahi - Kikuyu
Director Basic Education - Mary Njoroge -Kikuyu
Director City Education - Margaret Thiongo- Kikuyu

Director - Gabriel Muita -Kikuyu

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) - Chairman - H. M Kimura - Kikuyu

Commission for Higher Education (CHE) Head of scholarships /credentialing Snr Asst. Commissioner- George Njine -Kikuyu
Head of Administration (Asst. Comm) - Margaret Kobia -Meru

Minister- John Michuki - Kikuyu
Asst. Minister - Peter Munya - Meru
Permanent secretary - Cyrus Gituai - Kikuyu
CID Director - Simon Gatiba Karanja- Kikuyu
AP Commandant - K. Mbugua - Kikuyu
GSU Commandant - Mathew Iteere -Gema
Deputy & Asst Commissioners of Police - majority - Kikuyu

Nairobi J. Waweru - Kikuyu
Coast - Earnest Munyi - Kikuyu
NEP -Kiritu Wamae - Kikuyu

38/71 are GEMA with most concentrated in: Rift Valley (19), Eastern (8), Coast & Western (3 each)

Minister - Njenga Karume - Kikuyu
Asst. Minister - none: But who knows, he is waiting to appoint a relative of Karume's for sure, just as he has done in all the other ministries!
Permanent secretary - Zachary Mwaura -Kikuyu
Vice Chief of Armed Forces - Lt. Gen. Julius Karangi - Kikuyu
Army Commander - Lt. Gen. Augustine Njoroge -Kikuyu (note all the other Generals etc, were forced into retirement ...especially those who are non-Kikuyus)
Navy Commander - Maj. Gen. Mwathethe - Kikuyu
Dep. Air Force Commander - Maj. Gen. Jackson Waweru -Kikuyu

Mount Kenya Mafia

Hello Kenyans! This is the very first post on this blog dedicated to good governance and accountability in our political and administrative institutions. Now, I dont know how true this is, but I just thought that it was within your right to know what is going on in and across Kenya...

There is an SMS circulating among the Mt. Kenya tribes which is very dangerous to our good nation, and I quote (SIC):

"We are sending this message to you in strict confidence of our own, our Government has set aside some Ksh 5 billion to enable our people purchase Safaricom shares.The money is available at Equity bank but first you will need to register first with MEGA and provide all your personal details.The share will be bought for you by MEGA. We have set aside 75% of the shares for Embus,Merus,and Kikuyus. Pass the text to only our people."