Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are all the polls putting Raila ahead of Kibaki rigged?

The latest Steadmann poll puts ODM presidential hopeful, Raila Odinga slightly ahead of President Kibaki. 44% of those polled said that they would vote for Raila while 40% said they preferred President Kibaki. Only 10% said that they would for Kalonzo Musyoka.

This is the only survey by Steadmann where they have revealed the financing of the survey. This particular one was paid for by the Standard Newspapers group.

However, the poll was conducted ONLY in Nairobi.

Still, this is very surprising because most analysts have always been sure of a Kibaki victory in Nairobi.

Of course there are also those who believe that any poll that puts Raila ahead of Kibaki has been rigged or is just plain propaganda.

All the figures coming in tell a story that nobody wants to believe. They seem to suggest that if the elections were held today, Raila Odinga would not only win, he would win by a landslide.

Other strategies to halt Raila’s popularity that even I thought would work very effectively seem to be falling flat. For instance, the circumcision thing that Simeon Nyachae tried to pull off in his Kisii stronghold has backfired badly and we are seeing photographs on the front page of newspapers of Kisii people burning effigies of Mr Nyachae.

Similarly, deep in Central province there seems to be strong discontent with the Kibaki administration...

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