Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kalonzo Musyoka's curious Presidential campaign

For most of last week and into this week, ODM-K Presidential hopeful Kalonzo Musyoka has been campaigning in Ukambani, spending considerable time in his own backyard and the neighbouring constituencies, including that of Health Minister Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

This is rather strange for a national Presidential candidate. My understanding of campaigns is that the Presidential candidate concentrates on gaining votes in more "difficult" Provinces and sends reps to the area of his bedrock of support.

It has been widely reported in the media that Hon. Kalonzo has had difficulties campaigning in areas of Rift Valley where charged crowds accuse him of being a traitor. The presidential hopeful has also met with hostile reception in one or two other areas in the country. So it would seem that as a result, Kalonzo now prefers to campaign closer to home...

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