Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mount Kenya Mafia

Hello Kenyans! This is the very first post on this blog dedicated to good governance and accountability in our political and administrative institutions. Now, I dont know how true this is, but I just thought that it was within your right to know what is going on in and across Kenya...

There is an SMS circulating among the Mt. Kenya tribes which is very dangerous to our good nation, and I quote (SIC):

"We are sending this message to you in strict confidence of our own, our Government has set aside some Ksh 5 billion to enable our people purchase Safaricom shares.The money is available at Equity bank but first you will need to register first with MEGA and provide all your personal details.The share will be bought for you by MEGA. We have set aside 75% of the shares for Embus,Merus,and Kikuyus. Pass the text to only our people."

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