Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gideon Moi's selective amnesia

Gideon Moi is going round Rift Valley telling people that Raila has never supported "them", so the Kalenjins should not support him thinking that he will return the favour by appointing them in his government. What Gideon chooses to forget is that it was Raila who helped his father and formed a merger when KANU couldn't pass any bills in the House. In return, Moi appointed Raila a Minister in his government. It is now terribly perplexing that Giddy doesn't know that, or he just surfers from memory failure. Gideon thinks Kalenjins are stupid, when the truth really is that they know Raila is fighting for their rights: the large tracts of land that Gideon and his cronies stole from them will revert back if the Ndungu Report is implemented.

I remember Moi himself saying that he has forgiven everyone who he has wronged and he hopes that they too will forgive him, but it seems Moi has already forgotten what he said on his last Moi Day, right before his Project Uhuru came acropper. It is now interesting to see Moi gate-crashing every funeral in Rift Valley, telling people the way Raila is a "dangerous" man; a man Moi himself even appointed a minister in his government.

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