Friday, October 26, 2007

Stop Press: Latest Steadman Poll results (announced Friday AM, 26.10.2007)

The latest Steadman polls have just been released and as predicted, Raila Odinga still leads the pack. Coming in a distant second is president Kibaki, who has managed to wrestle two precentage points to his popularity. Most baffling, however, is Kalonzo Musyoka who, despite vigourous rallies in his Kambaland backyard and mobilizing people to his rallies, still maintains an 8% stranglehold.

Breaking news reaching us a we post this blog is that the ECK has finally announced the date for the elections. Previous reports pointed to an election before Christmas, in a clean break with the past. But we can now confirm that the General Elections will be held on Thursday 27th December 2007.

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