Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kibaki, let my people go!

Transition is a necessity; we cannot romanticize it. Our dunderheaded elders in PNU have to accept this truth in order that civilized society may exist.

My Mosaic message to President Kibaki is this: please, pass on the mantle and let the people of Kenya go!

Many Kenyans are already tired of your leadership. This society must fast-forward into its bright future with a younger leader than yourself. Another five years of you and the country shall remain stagnant, or continue to limp to a dark future.

True to Moi’s vision, the 2002 General Elections were meant for generational transition. However, Moi foundered on the methodology by trying to impose his suspect choice on the country.

Conventional wisdom holds that a generation cannot succeed itself. Yet it did in 2002... and still wants to perpetuate itself in 2007! I will categorize Kibaki’s past five years as accidental or interim. Accidental, because many Kenyans—mistakenly—did not foresee the dishonest leadership that has so far accompanied his tenure; interim, because he belongs to Moi’s generation. Indeed, if Moi retired, it follows logically that Kibaki should do the same.

We in Kenya seem to be very unfortunate; we have extremely greedy elders (leaders?) whose only interest is self interest. They are reluctant to go and let go. Our only respite is to vote them out on December 27.

The Orange team justifies the optimism and the faith in the future of this society. It is time to renew leadership and discard old, tired and spent forces. This will ensure the survival of the Kenyan civilization.

Many have branded Raila Odinga as “dangerous and devilish”. My submission is that previously, we elected leaders because they claimed or were supposed to be “angels”.

Yet the same angels turned out to be devils on assuming power. Now that Raila Odinga is a "devil", why don’t we try him out to see whether he will emerge as a worse devil or, better still, an angel?

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