Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The change we want

The change we want is one that allows all Kenyans to benefit, whether in the opposition or in government. There is absolutely no need to lead delegations to State House and ask for institutions, cabinet posts or national holidays and handouts. These are things that people should not beg, bargain or ask for. They should be granted accordingly.

Secondly, I feel bad when I go somewhere and the first question is where do you come from, instead of what are you good at that can take us to a another level as a country.

We want a sense of national pride instead of ethnic pride; a sense of belonging to a country with a diverse cultural mix. In short, we want a RESPONSIVE government with strong institutions because poverty, crime, corruption and unemployment will always be there.

Lastly, we need directional LEADERSHIP, not management that is driven by annual GDP figures, with no keen attention to social and political well-being of the HUMAN capital. At the very least a leadership that makes simple promises that it can keep.

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