Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is Kibaki losing his grip on Central Province?

A letter from a disgruntled Central Kenya Visionary...

Wakikuyu Wenzangu,

It is time for right-thinking Kyuks to speak and enlighten some of our fellow brethren who seem to be brainwashed about the issue of “Only Kikuyus can ever rule Kenya ” and “Only Kikuyus know how to make money”. It is very unfortunate that a great lie is being told that all Kikuyus are Kibaki damu and will vote as a block for him. This is coupled with the other lie that most Kenyans in the Diaspora support Kibaki and his PNU (Panua as it is commonly known out here). It is an open secret that Kibaki and his PANUA party do not enjoy any sort of support in the Diaspora, let alone in his own Othaya backyard.

It is time we made some facts clear. For starters, Kikuyus have always followed their own like the mice that followed the piped piper. They always tend to believe that as long as you are a Kikuyu, then you are fit to lead, a school of thought that I totally disagree with. Kikuyus are not the only people in this country and it is high time we showed respect to all the other 42 or so other tribes that constitute the great nation commonly referred to as Kenya. Over the last 5 years, Kibaki's government has only concentrated on developing one region of the country i.e. the greater Mount Kenya, by spending billions and billions of shillings on infrastructure while millions of Kenyans die of hunger and illnesses in the North Eastern and other provinces due to lack of food and poor infrastructure in the region. Surely, how can a whole president just sit back and watch as millions of people die of starvation and lack of health facilities in this day and age while in one region, there is an abundance of these infrastructure?

Kibaki was a keen and faithful student of the Kenyatta and subsequent Moi regimes, both of which flourished on and preached tribalism, corruption, nepotism and all sorts of misdemeanours against its citizens. And true to Kibaki’s nature, he has followed suit and adopted the philosophies of his two predecessors by openly encouraging tribalism in the government (Just look at the list of government appointments and you will clearly see what I mean), abetting corruption of the highest order (Anglo leasing and other financial scams that have been created in the last 5 years) and encouraging nepotism within the public service (Kibaki’s 2nd wife, the NARC-K activist, was appointed and given a government position). Kibaki himself, as much as he would want people to see him as a champion reformer, his record speaks for itself; during the dark years of the Moi regime, when innocent Kenyans were detained, kidnapped never to be seen again, executed and even killed in cold blood for opposing Moi's dictatorship, Kibaki, who happened to be the vice president them, condoned all these senseless barbaric acts against Kenyans and never, not even once, did he stand firm and oppose the president and his actions. As long as he was given his fair share of the loot, he was very content and watched from the sidelines as many Kenyans died for no apparent reason. Is this the kind of person you would trust with the leadership of the country for another 5 years? As long as everything is going his way and he is reaping from where he has not sown, he turns a blind eye on the innocent Kenyans who are suffering. At the same time, Kibaki happened to double up as the minister for finance when the Moi regime openly looted the country's coffers and raped Kenya’s economy, bringing it to knees. Kibaki then, as the minister for finance, together with Moi and his cronies, stashed their ill-gotten wealth overseas; money stolen from innocent tax payers money and unsuspecting donors. No wonder this Kibaki guy and his cronies are among the wealthiest individuals in Kenya, despite not having a clear record of how their wealth was accrued.

Now, over the past 5 years, Kibaki has clearly divided the country along ethnic lines to the extent of putting the whole of Kenya on one side and the Kikuyu’s on the other. It is so difficult being a Kikuyu in this day and age as every one seems to hate us for one reason or another. But to be honest, I sincerely do not blame Kenyans for hating us Kikuyus. I put the blame squarely on Kibaki and his cronies. For some reason, the likes of Kibaki, Michuki, Karume and that ugly bitch of a minister Martha Karua. These guys have single-handedly alienated the Kikuyu from the rest of Kenyans with stupidity and arrogance that is second to none. Throwing insults with maximum ease at anyone else who is not a member of “the greater mount Kenya” because they think that we are the chosen tribe. Well, let me be honest and frank with these tribal leaders and just give them a piece of my mind. The colonial days are over, and Kenya is a free state; we no longer need tribal chiefs and home guards (this is specifically to Michuki, Karume and Nyachae) and people are more educated and enlightened. This is the 22nd century. You all should retire and go mind you herds of cattle and sheep or whatever it is that you have looted from the innocent, decent and hard-working Kenyans (me, a very pissed off Kikuyu, included).

I have been following the campaigns closely, and to be honest, initially, I never liked Raila and what he stood for. Especially when he said he was going to introduce majimbo, I nearly fainted. After that, I took time to educate myself on what this Majimbo thing is all about and why people say it is bad for our country. Apparently, it turns out that Majimbo (federalism) as described by the world-renowned Oxford advanced learners dictionary that was researched, compiled and written by none other than the English themselves, is a system of government in which several states (provinces) come together or unite but retain considerable over their own internal affairs. Now, the other day, I was listening to Kibaki and his bunch of uneducated and stupid henchmen by the names Dick Wathika, (who apparently talks like a retard), Livondo aka Mr. Money Bags (who does not know how to read and cannot construct an argument to logically reason with a 10 year old), David Mwenje (the thickest man in Nairobi) Kamanda (I really don’t know where to place him) and other goons who cannot be referred to in this letter for fear of spreading stupidity to our dear readers, shout to the top of their voices that majimboism is another term for tribalism.

Now surely, looking at the definition from the oxford dictionary, I did not come across anywhere in the definition where with the good men from England (who apparently speak English as their mother tongue and develop the term in contention) equating federalism to tribalism. So would Kibaki’s henchmen please tell us where this definition comes from? Unless kibaki has developed his own dictionary that has been author by the PNU elite, I truly disagree with his definition. Furthermore, Kibaki has been at the fore front of campaigning against majimboism saying the way it is bad for the country and spreading all sorts of propaganda about it. Fast forward to the launch of the PNU manifesto over the weekend and Kibaki clearly states that his government will introduce “majimbo” system that will distribute resources equitably to all regions of the country. First, ODM were the first to propose this system and then ODM –K followed suit. Now, the clueless kibaki and his bunch of uneducated foolish cronies have joined the band wagon. My question is, this is someone who is clearly undecided on what he wants, and if he was truly serious, he should not have waited for ODM to propose the majimbo system for him to suddenly realize that resources have to equitably distributed to all regions of the country (as opposed to only one region as has been the norm) but would have implemented it on the very first day he was sworn in as the president of the republic of Kenya. This clearly shows that Kibaki is unsure of what he wants and does not have the interest of the country at heart. He just wants to be re-elected president so he and his tribal kinsmen and friends can “endelea na kazi “of continuing to loot the resources of the country.

I am really tired of these wazee’s in leadership who often who have very little to offer to us progressive Kenyans. They always tend to bring us down. As much as Kibaki is my kinsman, I am truly not voting him. There are other 42 tribes in this country and any one from any of those other tribes has an equal chance of leading this country. The presidency of Kenya is not the reserve of “the house of Mumbi” and we really need change in the country. We are the only country in the region which is still clinging on the old, neocolonialist leaders who have nothing new to offer us (as the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). For this reason, I would urge all my fellow right thinking kikuyu brothers and sister to vote for change. It is time to stop thinking along tribal lines and look into the future. We need to develop a better Kenya where we shall be proud to raise our children in and be able to provide for them all that they will ever want. So please, vote for change and discard the tribal thoughts.


Ndirangu Maina

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