Monday, November 26, 2007

Kibaki Broadcasting Channel

Too many Kenyans compalining... what could be the cause? Another reader's take on Kenya's favourite news channel...

Dear Kenyans,

I've just watched KBC News at 9:00 p.m. I'm amazed by the coverage that continues to be on KBC. I still recall the way that government-owned network used to sing praises of President Moi from start to end of a newscast. That was sick. What I saw this Friday is the same old slanted coverage that shouldn't be tolerated in a modernizing Kenya. Here's what I'm talking about. For seven straight minutes Tony Gachukia kept going about Kibaki and PNU. He gave Kalonzo Musyoka half a second. He gave the Hon. Odinga about a minute. He gave Kamlesh Pattni about two minutes. Is this a network that claims to educate and represent the collective voice of Kenyans?

On to the Steadman Polls. I don't want to dispute them. That would bring too much dignity to them. But I looked at the body language of the white dude and what I saw was a man who clearly knew he was feeding kenyans bullshit. When he says they came up with a new system of polling, what does he mean? When he claims they polled adults, what was the cut off age? And why hasn't he used this crazy system before? Why now? And what was that about Kalonzo Musyoka meeting Steadman guys for three straight hours and suddenly having a three point jump. Coincidence? My humble opinion is that Steadman and KBC have allowed themselves to be used as an illicit extension of the Kibaki reelection machine. I can't wait to hear the explanation Steadman will give once the ballots are cast and the truth flies in the face of Steadman's pontifications.

Last week a friend told me that Steadman was gonna have the Hon. Odinga at 45 and President Kibaki at 41. I disputed it. I did because I thought Steadman cared about integrity. Now I know my friend was right. She tells me the next Steadman polls will have Hon. Odinga at 48 and President Kibaki at 4I. And just before the elections President Kibaki will have edged the Hon. Odinga by about fifteen points. President kibaki will be at 53 and the Hon. Odinga will be at 38. The reversal will have been completed. One doesen't need to be a rocket scientist to script this game. Steadman has all along been part of the Kibaki thing.

Now, here's my word to Hon. Odinga and team. Dismiss those polls with the contempt they deserve. If there's just one thing you want to take from them, let it be that there's still a lot of work to do. Like I said before, nothing good comes easy. We cannot and must not rest until every corner of the country has tasted the orange. Kenya cannot afford five more years of a Kibaki government.

As for KBC, they might as well call themselves the Kibaki Broadcasting Corporation. To my fellow Kenyans, there's KTN and Nation TV. If you want to get the full perspective, watch the men and women in the two networks. And while watching NTV, don't forget to catch The Bull's Eye. That guy is the best!

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