Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Na kazi iendelee!

"Na Kazi Iendelee" is the slogan for PNU. However, with PNU campaigners choosing to avoid issues and attacking personalities, it only leaves Kenyans guessing which work they are advocating for.

Now since they have decided not to talk about it, allow me to remind you the work they have been doing, and which they wish to continue should Kenyans decide to give them a second chance:

1. The work of covering-up corruption in the form of Anglo Leasing, that saw John Githongo pushed from Office of the President, to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and finally to exile. If Githongo was still around, the Kroll Report that was leaked to the Guardian paper would have been made public a long time ago and action taken accordingly.

2. The work of appointing Goldenberg Commission of Inquiry, that used up millions of shillings, and nothing came out of it. How many people have been charged?

3. The work of spending millions of shillings in the Bomas Conference, only for the draft document to be watered down by Kiraitu and delivering the doctored Wako Draft. Remember they promised a new constitution within 100 days of coming to power. The referendum was 1,116 days later!

4. The work of wasting state resources in campaigning for the unpopular document in what was called "the government project of selling bananas".

5. The work of importing mercenaries that characterised the KTN raid in the name of National Security, after snakes were rattled. The Artur brothers used state resources and enjoyed government security. Do not forget that they were also issued with a return air ticket, paid for by you and me. Resources were also wasted in the Kiruki Commission, which was just another cover-up.

6. The work of importing "freedom heroes" from Ethiopia in the name of peasant farmer Ayanu, to spend Kshs. 1M per day in a 5 star hotel while our own known freedom fighters wallow and die in abject poverty.

7. The work of beefing up security for the "politically correct" while Kenyans die from activities of outlawed gangs such as Mungiki and Sabaot Land Defence, and recently the Chinkororo of Kisii that have raised insecurity to all time shockinglevels.

8. The work of evicting the poor, small-scale traders, hawkers e.t.c., with no regard to human rights and without offering them alternatives.

9. The work of exporting thuggery to neighboring countries, that saw 14 Kenyans shot in Tanzania, after failing to deliver the 500,000 jobs per year flaunted during the 2002 campaigns.

10. The work of recommending chiefs and assistant chiefs for corruption trials, while allowing the big fish to act with impunity. Do not forget that the KACC is drawing millions of shillings in salaries from public coffers with nothing to show for it. Also don't forget that neither Kiraitu nor Mwiraria has ever written a statement in response to Githongo's allegations. This is called "Zero tolerance to corruption".

11. The Work of appointing people from one community, way past their prime and their glory days firmly behind them, to top government positions while Kenya experiences brain-drain as people fly abroad for greener pastures. Ever wondered why Ministry of Defence, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Internal Security, Treasury, Public service and The KACC are headed by individuals from the Mt. Kenya region? Do not forget that Moi was recently appointed as an envoy of something or other. This is called "Vijana na Kibaki".

12. The work of improving the economy by a whopping 6.7 % while the prices of essential commodities such us milk, bread, sugar and flour keeps shooting up with the minimum basic wage remaining the same.

Je, kazi gani iendelee?

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