Friday, November 16, 2007

A sneak peak at PNU campaign strategy

A gem I came across on the www. Honestly, the levels of desperation are simply pitiful.

Kibaki supporters,
this is the time to cash on to that Moslem MOU thingy, especially to christians.. confront them with that Mou Pdf article, ressurect memories of the memorandum period, and the argument of islam taking over kenya.

Foward the email to as many christians as you can, engage ODM christians in solid argument, talk about the islamic agenda for africa. Do not get sucked into tribal this, tribal that,…have statistics ready, such as the increase of civil servants salaries, today, free primary school education, self financing country, use empirical facts, facts that can be verified by the blind.

Let these morons continue singing kikuyu this, kikuyu that, after a while people will get tired.

Pwani university is going to be operational soon, ramisi sugar factory will be reopened,,World Bank has just praised the reforms in the kenyan sector, use easily discernible facts. Meanwhile dont get sucked into kikuyu this and that. Leave that for these retards.

Copy and paste that steadman policy to everyone you know.

But use the islam agenda more, the U.S are against these guys, there is no better wave to ride than that of making a pact ‘with the enemy’

screw arguments about moslems being kenyan, we know they are, but thats not the point, the target is raila. he is a flip flopper, today he is in church being annointed by bishop wanjiru, tomorrow he is in a mosque saying allah is the God of Kenya, the next day he is in busia getting annointed by some traditional african church leader.. a spiritual mixture will work against him..

Haya. Let these other morons continue saying mamluki, sijui gikuyu sijui what…development is there for all to see..!

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