Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 4th President of the Republic of Kenya is...

The Electoral Commission of Kenya has announced that they will announce the winner of the presidential race on 30th December 2007. This, ostensibly, is to allow tonight for the ECK to verify all the 210 constituency files, and announcement of the winner will only be done when all their ducks are in order. This revelation was made by Commisioner Amb. Jack Tumwa. This decision was reached after much horse-trading between the 21 commissioners and the Chairman. Each political presidential candidate will be allowed two agents together with the ECK commissioners during tonight's critical review sojourn.

Skirmishes, looting and violence have spread all over the country and unconfirmed reports indicate that several people have been killed and several more have been hospitalised. In Kibera and Mathare, residents waved pangas and other crude weapons while others in the Nairobi CBD stoned cars, looted shops, lit huge bonfires and burned down informal settlement homes, all in a show of protest at the ECK's seemingly deliberate refusal to announce Raila Odinga's victory. Most Kenyans are of the opinion that the delay is an attempt to allow "votes" to stream in to boost Kibaki's tally.

The US Ambassador has appealed to the political class to accept ECK results and reach out to their opponents so as to heal the country. As Kenya goes to sleep tonight, restless in anticipation, we can only hope that Kibaki will do the right thing and throw in the towel. There is little else he can do.

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