Thursday, December 6, 2007

The defeat of Emilio Mwai Kibaki (guest post)

As an ODM watchdog in Lurambi and its environs, I proudly present to you the defeat of Mwai Kibaki.

Yesterday he was in Shinyalu Constituency, and this is what he received from the locals: "We have already elected our MP. His name is Lilechi Lugano. Our President is Raila, and we know you know that. This decision was taken 3 years ago, Mr. Kibaki. We don't need you here."

I have quoted the exact words the majority of the booing locals used. If you watched KBC, you might have noticed a baraza-like gathering. What you might not have seen were the buses that ferried the stage-managed gathering. The cameras must have technically avoided the inclusion of school buses from different parts of Western Province which were the actual transport of the small crowd you saw. At one point, Mzee had to consult with the outgoing MP on whether the entire consituency is a haven for drunkards, because the crowd was confidently hostile. He was there to create a district called Shinyalu.

In Ikolomani Constituency, he was met with the same hostility. the outgoing MP, Hon. Bonny Khalwale, is indeed a wise man. He is a New Ford-K aspirant and a Kibaki sympathizer. So exactly how wise was he? Kibaki was happy when he addressed him (Kibaki) in Kiswahili, with these words "Rais jinsi unavyojua, hii ni eneo ya PNU. Sisi ni watu wako." If Kibaki would have
bothered to learn a few Luhya words, then he would have spit at Khalwale in the face when he (Khalwale) turned to address the crowd. This is what he said, and I quote: " Inzi nyenya Ikura yenyu khushisoko shia bupunge. Rachini eshie ikulu esho, munyi mumanyi mundu wumuha. Mboli Luluhya obira khunjira alahulira ta." This directly translates to: "I want your votes on the parliamentary ticket. But the top seat, you all know whom to give. I've talked in parables (in Luhya) so that the passer-by won't hear." And the whole crowd applauded in true Luhya fashion, loud and long. Unfortunately, chances are that even if he wants the parliamentary ticket with the presidential vote going to Raila, Khalwale is on his way out.

Today (Tuesday), at exactly 1:15pm, Kibaki and his entourage was back. What must have shocked the old man was the fact that not a single soul was interested in his presence. I was taking lunch near Kakamega Law Courts today. At exactly 1:10pm, I saw the motorcade emerge from the airstrip. Instead of heading to town, they took a 90% turn, through the Provincial
administration route then to the State Lodge. Minutes later, Kibaki's Land Cruiser passed by, taking the same route, with the boss seated back left, al by himself. Lucy was missing. Believe you me, not even the boda boda fellows were disrupted. It was business as usual, no waving, no stopping, nothing! I wish you guyz were there to witness this eighth wonder of the
world. I've never seen this kind of reception for a sitting president. Aaaah, hapana!

At 3:30pm, the motorcade resurfaced, on the same route, but now sped off towards the main road, avoiding the town centre for the second time. This time round, Kibaki was not in any of the vehicles. The motorcade was headed for Hamisi Constituency. As I was still wondering where baba wa taifa had buried himself, from where I was standing, I saw a chopper rise somewhere near the airstrip. I now knew. He just avoided another embarrassment. The chopper must have taken him directly from State Lodge, the airstrip route, then to Hamisi.

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