Thursday, December 6, 2007

Election rigging update

One Aggrey Miruri has been spotted in Brussels. He was seen at the Westraat, near the Lex Building. He is booked in at the Parc d'evere Hotel, opposite Brussels Main Cemetery. Muiruri is an employee of FastPrint, the notorious form responsible for printing the Rift Valley leaflets. We have also learnt that Kihara Mutu, the ECK commissioner, met a Nigerian forgery expert in Portsmouth in the UK. The well known Nigerian is in high demand because of his quality counterfeit dollars and Euros. A guest at Kibaki's KShs. 1,000,000 per plate dinner, a Mr. Lennie, has also been working overtime to procure an ink removal substance, a compound of methyl. The cargo is destined for Eldoret International Airport, via Dubai, aboard a DAS cargo flight. The substance is, ostensibly, part of the rigging material Kibaki and his team plan to employ to cheat Kenyans of their votes.

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