Friday, December 28, 2007

The fall of the giants as rejection of PNU is complete

A clear trend is beginning to emerge as rejection of Kibaki and PNU comes full circle. Here are the latest casualties never to see the 10th Parliament:

1. Njenga Karume
2. Nicholas Biwott
3. Gideon Moi
4. Mukhisa Kituyi
5. Moody Awori
6. George Saitoti
7. Someon Nyachae
8. Musikari Kombo
9. Mutahi Kagwe

Congratulations to the Kalenjin community, specifically the good people of Baringo Central, for firmly and finally ignoring old Moi's pleas and for placing the dirty rag on his lap by voting out his "only begotten son", Gideon. This is the biggest slap Moi has recieved, ever since Mama Lena refused to close dance with Kenyatta at some state function many, many, many years ago; an act which cost her the prestigious title of "second Lady" and forever consigned her to the periphery of the Moi dynsaty. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the long awaited "adieu" to Kenyan dynasties.

It is now apparent that PNU will have a severe drought of MPs in the 10th Parliament as they have so far not bagged even one. The clear leader in Central is Safina with one MP, while ODM has managed 18 countrywide. It would seem Kibaki is poised to once again reclaim his throne (and more familiar role) as the Leader of Official Opposition.

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