Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kenya on the brink

Kenya has reached a point of no return and the only person who can turn back the tide is Kibaki. All he has to do is concede that Raila will be the 4th President of the republic of Kenya.

But the signs were there all along. A (respected?) political analyst and Kibaki advisor, Mutahi Ngunyi, formerly a columnist in The Nation, two years ago "predicted" that Kibaki would not hand over power peacefully in the event of losing an election. Are we now seeing a chilling fulfilment of Ngunyi's prophecy?

As we sit here in Kampala anxiously awaiting the presidential results along with all Kenyans, ECK chairman Kivuitu is urging us to wait. For what, I'll never know. The latest polls results place Raila at a comfortable 3.7 M votes against Kibaki's 3M. We are also reliably informed that Raila Odinga has left the country and has been secured in an undisclosed location. Kenyans are lining up for war, whatever the outcome. Transportation has come to a standstill as there are no public service vehicles in Kibera and Mathare. Downtown Nairobi is deserted, save for the fracas going on in the city.

Mr. President, I call upon you to listen to the voices of the elders who have told you that it's not worth it. Listen to the wise men and women who have warned you that your government won't survive a ferocious Opposition in the 10th Parliament. And listen to your own inner voice telling you to do the right thing. Don't let the blood of innocent Kenyans be spilled in your name.

God save Kenya!

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