Friday, December 28, 2007

Munya's Prado burnt to a crisp by angry constituents

Two people were on Thursday feared dead after Internal Security Assistant Minister, Peter Munya, ran into a hostile crowd in Tigania East. According to reports, the deputy Eastern Provincial Police Officer, Marcus Ocholla, confirmed that the minister’s official car, a Toyota Prado, was set ablaze. He, however, could not verify report of the deaths linked to the incident. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the two were shot by Munya’s security detail after the hostile crowd attacked the minister.

The irate crowd that cornered Munya’s convoy, which was monitoring progress at the ongoing polls in the area, had accused him of aiding the Tiganias to encroach land in the Tharaka side of the border. The incident that happened in the remote Gatibini village was the culmination of a long-running border dispute between the Tiganias and the Tharaka. The Tharakas are claiming that Munya has used his influence in Government to change the boundary, thereby encroaching on their land.

When the crowd turned rowdy, Munya took off on foot, leaving his official vehicle to be behind.

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