Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Political violence spirals

'I was hiding in the bushes... when they saw me, they shouted "here's one". I didn't recognise any of them. I started running away from them and they shot four arrows into my back as they chased me. I kept running and jumped over a fence. They shot at me twice, but missed. I continued running until I stumbled. They caught up with me and then five of them surrounded me and started cutting me with axes. Three of them were wearing the uniform that the administrative police wear. They cut me on my head, neck and arms and left me unconscious' - Kikuyu displaced person, Nakuru district, April 1998

'We can live with other communities, but not with the Kikuyu community. The Kikuyu community will eventually kill us. For 23 years we lived peacefully with the Kikuyu ... But now we can never live with them ... Even if the government promises us security, the Kikuyu will kill us one by one.' - Kalenjin displaced person, Nakuru district, April 2006

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