Thursday, December 27, 2007

Raila finally votes

ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga finally voted on Thursday at 12.36pm.

Earlier in the morning, Raila and his wife, Ida, had failed to cast their votes because his name was allegedly missing from the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Langata constituency voter register. Raila, who had come to the station at 9.50am, was forced to rush to ECK offices at KICC, when he learned there was a problem with the voter register.

Tension and confusion reigned at Old Kibera Primary School when it was discovered that apart from Raila, names of other voters were missing from the register. Some voters whose surnames start with letters O, P, Q, R, A and W were affected in an incident that forced the ECK chairman, Samuel Kivuitu to visit the centre.

Incidentally, bearers of names with these initials hail from communities where ODM presidential candidate enjoys a large following. Kivuitu who came later, found himself in trouble as angry voters animatedly sought explanations over the anomaly. Police rescued him from the angry crowd. He promised to look into the matter urgently and pledged to compensate for the voting time lost.

Raila and his wife, Ida, later voted at 12.36pm after the anomaly had been rectified. Addressing the Press after casting his ballot, Raila said the scenario was an indication that the government wanted to rig polls. "This is definitely a scheme to rig polls. The Government's intention was to rig me out of Langata constituency, but it will fail."

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