Friday, December 21, 2007

Raila Odinga exposed (guest post)

Let the truth be told...

As a Kenyan, and to be very specific, a Kikuyu, I want you to allow me address this circulating email, that landed on my mail too, as many of you have received it. How I wish we were in a position to reason out very clearly, and infact avoid such allegations that are baseless and run parallel to the reality on the ground. This is what can be a recipe for civil strife, probably many of you don’t know...

Firstly what is in a name? Raila naming his son Fidel Castro 31 years ago has nothing to do with his policies and character. In any case Fidel Castro is a communist in the hysterical imagination and machination of the United States of America and not to the natives of Cuba; not a single Cuban has complained of dictatorship at all. By the way, Cuba’s economy is one of the best in the world, on account of being the best sugar producing country in the world. It’s therefore not strange that no attempt has been made to overthrow him (on allegations advanced by the US) by the Cubans, despite his bad health.

You all know that he was sick in April; his brother (Raul) became the president until he was well. I have personally interacted with many Luos called Kenyatta and Moi, and yet their parents don’t share similarity of any sort with these leaders. Of course I do know that on the same context a lot of children from Luoland have been named Kibaki lately. Our kinsmen will never ever dare call their children Raila or Tom Mboya or Jaramogi, despite their immense contribution to the liberation of this country. So who is selfish/petty/trivial/ethnic?

It’s not history that Raila’s father declared Kenyatta ”tosha” when the British colonialists were going back home in the year 1963. After 4 years, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga had had it and resigned as the vice president of the republic of Kenya due to rampant corruption in the Kenyatta ranks. Do not mistake me, infact I am an ardent supporter of Mwai Kibaki and will vote him in the 27th of December 2007 elections. My plea is that we shall come of age to reason out together, for the good of ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

It’s not history again that Kenya attained its multi party democracy, through the repeal of section 2A after Raila left detention (having being incarcerated falsely on charges of participating in the 1982 coup). He stayed in detention for 8 years, 6 of them in solitary confinement, during which period investigations were going on and there was no sufficient evidence to stay the charges.

It’s not history once again that Raila Odinga declared Kibaki tosha in 2002. My submission is that he did it out of personal conviction that change was only eminent through Kibaki. If indeed Raila hates Kikuyus as is peddled by this email, he would have stood up, and at the consternation of many, instead said he was "tosha". The crowd at Uhuru Park would have gone wild with ululations, considering the massive support he enjoys in Nairobi.

As Raila was declaring “Kibaki tosha” in Uhuru park on the 14th of October 2002, he was also accompanied by Ngilu, Nyachae, the late Wamalwa, Saitoti, Kamotho and the likes. Why couldn’t any one of them declare “Kibaki tosha”? The reason is simple: no one would have taken them seriously, not even Kibaki’s word for his personal tosha would have changed the tides at all.

We are all aware that Raila’s driver is a Luhya and his PERSONAL SECRETARY a KIKUYU. Honestly, go to all the offices of cabinet ministers and you will be shocked. They all speak their mother-tongue in the office, and including in their vehicles. Who is a tribalist?

Raila’s son is married to one of our own. From my understanding of the Luo customs, and the abrasive Raila we know, the son would not have married a kikuyu at all if Raila was against the marriage. This is therefore a blatant lie, meant to mudsling Hon. Odinga.

Kibaki, after thorough consultations and negotiations with the summit that composed the NARC team, signed the defunct memorandum of understanding (MOU). Raila played his part by declaring “Kibaki Toisha” and even campaigning for him, as he was nursing injuries in the UK, as per the agreement, but Kibaki never responded by acting on his part. He has again gone very quiet to date about why he could not honor the MOU.

It’s now very clear that Odinga is going to be the fourth president of this country. Kibaki lost the opportunity when he sacked the LDP wing of the government after the humiliating defeat at the Referendum. How I wish he sacked all the people who had cheated him since he was sworn in, and even assured him victory at the Referendum... Kibaki would have enjoyed another free ride to State House. Of course, all the opinion polls cannot be wrong...

My emails with attachments show very clearly that my brothers under GEMA are the ones receiving this email. We should be in touch with reality. In fact as I vote for Kibaki, I do know I am voting the next official leader of the opposition! But this will also depend whether he accepts the position or he resigns to pave way for a by-election in Othaya…

Kalonzo is of course our project, but interestingly, we have not made any in-roads with him. No wonder he met Moi last week through Mutula Kilonzo and Daniel Maanzo to be offered the Vice Presidency in a Kikuyu government. Moi, however, said he is grooming his son Gideon for the same. What a confused GEMA I am forced to be part of!

Even as we employ all manner of tactics to retain power, I think this mudslinging on the people’s president will not take us anywhere. Raila has reconciled all the other tribes to his side, except Meru, Kikuyu, Kamba (partly though because Ngilu has gone to him with some) and Embu (comprising the GEMA). We cannot propel our two men, Kalonzo and Kibaki, to power even if we were to sacrifice Kalonzo for Kibaki. Please, we also need to reconcile with the leading camp, to come up with a formidable opposition, but at the same time enjoying the national cake.

Fidel is married to a Kikuyu from a respected family. On the contrary, Kibaki’s daughter is getting married to a wanted international criminal by the name Artur Margaryan. To prove that Winnie Wangui is the daughter of the president, please read the Standard Newspaper of 24th October, the interview of Mary Wambui. I have it oh high authority that the out-going president is leaving for Dubai to attend the wedding before elections…

In closing, let us be very careful, my tribesmen, with the information we are sending to the masses. How many people read emails and how many know the facts?

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