Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wanjui to Sell Steadman shares

After a major confrontation between the management of Steadman and Joe Wanjui, who has a controlling interest in Steadman's Kenyan operation, the latter is under pressure to offload his shares in the now discredited company.

The management was shocked to realize that Wanjui, who is a close friend of outgoing president Mwai Kibaki, has been manipulating poll results by 'remote control'. This has included bribing the staff of his own company, including polling and data entry clerks, to manipulate data. Sources say Wanjui was confronted with results from NSIS, the national intelligence agency that is responsible for protecting the presidency, which show Raila Odinga having a comfortable 55% lead to Kibaki's 39%. He was further shown evidence of staff confessing that he had approached them.

The management of Steadman is concerned that whereas they have an international reputation to safeguard, Wanjui is willing to sacrifice the reputation of the Kenyan Franchise to achieve short term political ends, as he did with Transparency International. Wanjui retorted that as a billionaire, he has hundreds of other companies he controls and Steadman is now 'worth nothing'. But he has vowed to hold on until the company releases the last in a series of poll results that have become the talk of the country for their inconsistency and violation of basic sampling procedures. That last poll will be released in a fortnight.

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