Thursday, January 3, 2008

A guest post by our readers in Uganda...

From the air, Kenya is a country on fire. Plumes of blue smoke rise from villages across the Rift Valley. More fires burn in the sprawling townships on the edge of the capital, Nairobi. On the ground, the city is gripped by fear. Police officers man roadblocks across its main arteries and sirens wail on its outer edges. Violence is sporadic, and sudden. In the slum of Kariobongi, witnesses said the feared Mungiki sect - a group that weaves Kikuyu tribal mythology with gang rule in the slums - hacked to death several people from rival tribes in reprisal killings, leaving the roads strewn with limbs. Clashes between tribes also erupted in the tin-shack slum of Mathare, preventing aid workers from delivering daily drops of food and medicine.This is why they are fighting, and robbing votes!

On the streets, the violence is about tribal score-settling. Kibaki is a Kikuyu, Kenya's largest tribe with 22% of the population. Odinga is a Luo, Kenya's third largest at 13%. The Kikuyu have dominated Kenya's politics, business and land ownership since independence in 1963, provoking simmering resentment from the Luo and other smaller tribes. That has only increased in recent years.

Kibaki's government was elected on an anti-corruption ticket, and the economy has since grown at a steady 5%, fueled by a thriving tourism sector. But the benefits have not been enjoyed by all. Corruption has reserved much of Kenya's riches for the government and its cronies, and unemployment and poverty have actually increased, so that today more than half the country lives on less than $2 a day.

I am entirely and wholly perplexed by our own dictatorial ruler: even prior to the conclusive tallying of the Votes Museveni is already congratulating the Shadow president!
Oh Oh What a shame!!! And yet ironically He is supposed or expected to Mediate the rival factions? This is a Joke!

Who is fooling who?

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