Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kikuyus "forcibly recruited" into Mungiki

A Kikuyu man (who wishes to remain anonymous) in Naivasha describes how members of an outlawed sect - the Mungiki - are forcibly recruiting members of their Kikuyu ethnic group to kill non-Kikuyus allied to the opposition...

"It is really disgusting. People are being killed and burnt in their houses, even one person was buried alive ... buried alive! And other people are just watching.

There are gangs of Kikuyu coming knocking from door-to-door. But I really don't think they are from Naivasha - people know that Naivasha is usually a safe place, a place where people like peace. But these people are coming and forcing people here to fight. So that's why they are going house-to-house making sure that if you are a Kikuyu, you have to come out and fight. But if you are not a Kikuyu, they just kill you immediately.

Not long ago they came into our estate and demanded the keys to the gate. They used a petrol bomb to frighten us, telling us if we don't come out, they'll burn us. Luckily, I managed to hide under the bed. Where they are targeting right now is Naivasha prison. The Kikuyus are going to the prison and they want to get the Luos and the Nandis who have gone there to seek refuge. Gangs of Kikuyus are outside the prison and burning houses nearby but the police - there are many of them there - but it is like they are relaxed. They are not doing anything, just shooting, shooting, shooting [up in the air] but not stopping these people from getting closer to the prison. These Kikuyus that are doing all this - it is a kind of revenge. In Naivasha it is revenge for what has been happening in other areas where Kikuyus have been killed."

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