Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ngunyi "predicted" Kenyan anarchy

The signs were there all along, folks. Mutahi Ngunyi, a key Kibaki advisor and Sunday Nation columnist, two years ago chillingly but accurately "predicted" that in the event of losing an election, Kibaki would not hand over power peacefully.

It now transpires that the prognostication was the cornerstone of the "Kibaki Tena" campaign, and Ngunyi was just letting us in on the strategy.

In the face of a manifest Parliamentary minority, in fact the smallest in Kenyan history, five questions linger as Kibaki gobsmackingly and obdurately elbows himself to the presidency: was it worth it to blatantly steal the 1.3 million votes? Why is it so urgent that Kibaki returns to State House? Is Kibaki's return to State House an effort to protect Moi, seeing as Moi sunk Kshs. 3 billion of "his own" money into the star-crossed re-election bid? Who else is Kibaki's trying to protect? Is Kibaki's intransigence worth all the Kenyan lives being lost?

In the end, only Kibaki can save Kenya. So please do what is right, Mr. Kibaki, and step aside to allow for an independent audit of the presidential results, because it is clear that there is precious little you can do to salvage your Parliamentary predicament, and, ostensibly, it is well-nigh impossible for you to concede that you lost an election which in reality you did lose by a landslide.

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