Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Show us the evidence, you said...

I have been receiving very strong sentiments from some very angry readers who I suspect, sadly, are up to no good. All their attempts to sound "neutral" and "aggrieved" cannot hide the fact that they are really government operatives. It is an open secret that this blog took off (in relation to readerership and per capita hits) the day Kibaki, in his misguided wisdom, decided to ban live broadcasts of news. Kenyans are avid consumers of information, and therefore SIASA DUNI is the first stop for serious coverage. So thank you, Mr. Kibaki.

Conversely, we have readers who are truly interested in the welfare of Kenya, rising above the tribal hogwash being bandied about by Kibaki's illegitimate regime. These are the true heroes of Kenya. I particularly want to salute Acolyte, who tells me s/he has pictures documenting the horrible burning in a house of Luos by Mungiki. Please, Acolyte, send through the pictures. My address is, and together we can expose Kibaki for what he really is: a two-faced tribalist, impetuous murderer, thief and shameless deceiver. Maybe then, the anonymous people leaving comments here (with no backbone to even leave their names) will finally get the "evidence" they have been seeking.


Seasons & Reasons said...

I have been following your blog but I think it is one sided. If the blog needs to inform, then it should be balanced.

I feel for the guys burnt in Niavasha just like I felt for those burnt in Eldoret. I think you should post photo of both juxtapose information in the same way for your readers

And I leave my URL for you since I dont want to be confused with your anon commenters

Acolyte said...

With all the PNU oriented blogs around it is time we got a blog that was close to the middle as regards the issues going on plus we all know this issue has become too large for Kibaki to handle and his handlers in State house seem to be totally bewildered as has been shown by their complete lack of action.
I will e-mail you the pics today, keep the posts coming!