Friday, January 18, 2008

STOP PRESS: Excerpts from a popular Ugandan blog...

Ugandan security forces were in Kenya after the rigged election
Last updated : 15 Jan 2008, Kampala

Could these be Ugandan military donning Kenya police uniform?

We are able to confirm to you after checking the facts on the ground in Kisumu that Museveni and Kibaki were in cahoots in the chaos that engulfed our neighbours after the rigged Kenyan election. We cannot yet tell when or from which source in Kenya the initiative originated, but somehow Museveni summoned General David Tinyefuza, his intelligence supremo, and gave him the task of planning the mission.

Tinyefuza assembled some spies of the ESO and ISO and they moved in. Military Police were also involved and when they reached the border crossing at Busia, they removed their red toupees and donned the uniform of Kenya's GSU security force. The Kenya High Commission in Nakasero, a suburb of Kampala, coordinated diplomatic cover for the Ugandan hooligans. Tinyefuza set up a command and control centre at Tororo and there was also a post at Busia. The official cover was to monitor the security situation.

We shall be giving you more details when our sources who also went into Kenya under cover to investigate Museveni's bloody hand in the Kenya election, have put together their reports. It was a real risk. One of our informers almost got caught but God was on his side and our last contact with him says he is okay. Lets give him some time to write a report of what he saw there, then we shall put it on Radio Katwe.

There are senior politicians in Kenya who have vowed to punish Museveni for what he did. We hope they will see the difference between ordinary Ugandans and the evil mafia government of M7.

Confirmed: Mwai Kibaki visited Uganda
Last updated : 15 Jan 2008, Kampala

Radio Katwe has done its cross checking and can now confirm to its readers that President Mwai Kibaki, the Kenyan head of state, (a title in hot dispute) paid a surprise visit to Uganda last Thursday. Rumours have been in Kampala that Kibaki visited his fellow dictator Yoweri Museveni, but we could not confirm them at first. Now we have seen concrete evidence that Kibaki was in Uganda.

Many Ugandans are worried by why Kibaki chose to come to Uganda at a time when Kenya is in big problems. They are worried that Kibaki might have got to Uganda to consult a man who besides other titles like elections stealer and serial breaker of Agreements between conflicting parties, is most well known as veteran of genocide against civilians. Recently we saw pictures of youths in Kenya carrying machetes (pangas) and it brought back memories of the pangas used in the Rwandan Genocide. We earlier wrote about a truck full of new pangas that was taken from Uganda to Rwanda just before the terrible genocide there.

We have not got any news about what they discussed, but when the most powerful and corrupt men get together to strike deals, the people of East Africa should get worried.

Foul play is being suspected between Museveni and Kibaki.

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