Friday, January 11, 2008

Who is Colin Bruce?

"Bruce is already offering World Bank bribes to Rift Valley MPs to buy their support. Sounds like an effort to break up Odinga's coalition, which depends upon Rift Valley support. Watch this one--it could be the first clue of a new emerging strategy!"

In light of the row brewing in Kenya and Washington over World Bank's overt support for Kibaki's illegitimate government, we can now report on the character of the villain Colin Bruce, who happens to rent a home belonging to the very same Kibaki.

It is now common knowledge that the US, despite fervent denials, is the chief supporter of Kibaki's illegal regime. Small wonder then that they were the first to send hearty congratulations. To this day, America and Uganda remain the only countries to have congratulated Kibaki, although visiting US envoy Jendayi Frazer clarified, to Kibaki's face, that the US was congratulating Kenyans, not Kibaki. This hasty retreat was beaten on the face of the humiliation they were bound to face after the other members of their Big Boys Club, the EU and the UK, rubbished the farce of an election. In any case, George Bush stole an election and nothing was done to him...

That is the same attitude now Kibaki is displaying: "I stole the election. America is supporting me, and that support is assured by my tenant, Colin Bruce. What WILL you do?" As one prominent blogger aptly put it, "Nime-RIG. Muta do?" America is fully backing Kibaki's government, and that is why Kibaki is confident nothing can touch him. The big question, then, is: Why are America and Kenya wasting the time of prominent international personalities when the die is already cast? Next in line for humiliation, apparently, is former UN Secretary General, Koffi Anan, after his compatriot John Kuffuor left Kenya with his tail between his legs. But maybe he had it coming, because his visit seemed to me like a State Visit. Maybe, just maybe, he forgot why he came.

What is becoming increasingly and frighteningly clear is that Bruce, as an interested party, is at the centre of the negotiations. The fact that he briefed Frazer on her arrival serves only to lend credence to the theory that indeed he influenced her opinion on events. Five days after her arrival, Frazer starts to insinuate to "ODM rigging", the same language Bruce had been using since Kibaki's resurgence during the vote counting. To this day, we have not seen the "mounting evidence that the [ODM] are quite vulnerable on this [rigging] point," to borrow Colin Bruce's words. The World Bank memo sent by Bruce claims that "investigations" had revealed "more poll fraud on the side of ODM than PNU." The memo claims "The considered view of the UN is that ECK announcement of a Kibaki win is correct". Bruce had an agenda all along. In the twilight days of Kibaki's term, and with a country going into a General election in less than a week, Bruce was still approving loans to Kenya. On 22nd December, 2007, the Daily Nation reported that "Kenya is to benefit from a World Bank Sh9.75 billion credit for expansion of access to safe water and sanitation service ..." Some insiders at World Bank even suggest that Bruce knew that Kibaki was going to rig and had been reassured of "continuity."

It seems Mr. Bruce is working very hard for his landlord Kibaki. Was he promised lowered rent if Kibaki came back to power? Apart from the botched UN Memo, Colin Bruce has been roped in another controversy: ODM claimed that he had led a team which drew up an agreement which President Kibaki declined to sign. The document, said ODM secretary-general Anyang Nyong’o, also drew contribution from the US, UK and French envoys. However, the Government disowned the document and denied sending any emissaries to Bruce to author the memo which urged the international community to give credibility to President Kibaki’s "victory", and was promptly handed to John Kuffuor on arrival in Nairobi. A statement by the Presidential Press Service said: "The Government’s attention has been drawn to a document addressed to HE John Kufuor… authored by Mr Colin Bruce… The document is alleged to have been drawn in consultation with "emissaries" of President Kibaki and Hon Raila Odinga." The statement said at no time did the President send any Emissary to Bruce to discuss a document of any nature.

"The Government, therefore, categorically disassociates itself with the content of that document," it went on to say.

Reproduced below is a Police Report published in the Kenya Police website, revealing Colin Bruce's true character:

The Kenya Police is dismayed by the conduct and language used by a World Bank official, Mr. Colin Bruce, following a traffic violation on the highway. It is unfortunate that instead of cooperating with the Police, he chose to cause a scene by the roadside and proceeded to insult the Kenya Police. The reason for his displeasure was that the Police had the audacity to stop his car.

The incident occurred near Kabete yesterday 10th August, 2006 during a routine traffic check when Police stopped a vehicle in which Mr. Colin Bruce was traveling for exceeding the legal speed limit. The vehicle was driven at 116 km per hour instead of the 50 km legal limit. Police Officers asked the driver to produce his driver’s license and present the keys so that appropriate action can be taken. The driver was also asked to deposit a cash bail of Kshs 4000 with a view to appearing before court. Unfortunately, Mr. Colin Bruce alighted and proceeded to insult the Police Officers, accusing them of corruption despite the presence of many other motorists who had been stopped for the same offence. He went further to incite other motorists not to pay the cash bail.

The Kenya Police wishes to reiterate that obedience of the law is not optional, it is a mandatory requirement. Mr. Colin Bruce should not be under the illusion that World Bank officials are exempt from observing Kenyan laws.

The enforcement of traffic laws is a universal requirement applicable as much in Kenya as in his own country. The Kenya Police Force does not enforce the law as a public relations exercise but as an obligatory legal requirement. Calling the press or KACC to scenes of crime will not deter the Police from enforcing the law.

While all citizens and residents have the right to express any complaints against the Police, the use of abusive language is unfortunate and in bad taste. Indeed, it is expected that persons occupying senior positions will lead by example.

The Commissioner of Police commends the five Traffic Police officers under Corporal Patrick Wanyonyi for their professionalism in the face of blatant provocation and encourages all traffic officers to enforce the law firmly and fairly regardless of the status of those involved. At no time were Police Officers disrespectful to Mr. Colin Bruce. Indeed evidence captured on video shows him insulting the Kenya Police.

Mr. Colin Bruce’s driver will be prosecuted before a competent court in accordance with the law. The Kenya Police will review the available evidence with a view of taking further action as deemed appropriate.


11th August, 2006


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sean said...

look i dont know whoever wrote this but what i have to say is that a dirty liar like you should not be writing for the media. You were not there so you cant say anything,you know what a bad history the police have in fact you know that they are involved with most oof the corruption in the country so you should just shutup because you know your lying just to ruin a good man. You should be ashamed of yourself. How would you like it if someone lied about you and then put it in the media on purpose just to ruin your career. Think about it