Saturday, January 12, 2008

UN disowns Bruce and his landlord Kibaki

The UN has denied that it supports Kibaki's illegitimate government, as alleged in a memo crafted by World Bank Kenya country director, Colin Bruce. In a press conference, the UN denied that it had data that the World Bank used to determine that "Kibaki win was correct". UN country Director, Dr. Anne Tibaijuka, said her organisation did not observe the elections and had no data to assist it make a standpoint over the results. Tibaijuka’s statement contradicted the content of the leaked communiqué written by Bruce. The memo says the World Bank accepted Kibaki’s re-election based on "oral briefings from senior UNDP officials who monitored the "overall electoral process".

"If the UN had any position to take on the elections, it would have come from me. We disassociate ourselves from the falsifications being circulated," said Tibaijuka.

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