Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vodafone PLC throws its weight behind Kibaki's illegitimate government as US, Britain & EU refuse to recognize it

In this era of multiparty politics, 17 years after the repeal of the abominable Section 2A of the Constitution (the passing of which, incidentally, was seconded by none other than Vice President Mwai Kibaki), it is shocking to see the champion of free market and captain of mind-boggling profits, Safaricom, being drawn into a partisan stance as it abets Kibaki in suppressing freedom of expression in 21st century Kenya.

Kenyans are up in arms over unsolicited SMS messages from Safaicom: "The Ministry of Internal Security urges you to please desist from sending or forwarding any sms that may cause public unrest. This may lead to your prosecution. (sic) From: SAFARICOM."

It is now shocking to see that Safaricom, partly owned by Vodafone PLC and partly by the Government of Kenya, being used by Kibaki to continue impinging on Kenyan's rights and effectively giving a thumbs up to Kibaki's fraudulent rule.

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