Friday, February 15, 2008

Kibaki's illegal government carrying out illegal police recruitment

Siasa Duni can now exclusively reveal that there is an illegal police recruitment going on. KTN has uncovered this racket where Mungiki and chokoras who were initially inducted into the National Youth Service (NYS) when NARC came to power in 2003 have now come of age and are being recruited into our police force.

Plans are underway to recruit a total of 10,000 officers from the NYS to address soaring crime, with the first batch of 3,000 expected to report to the Gilgil training camp before the end of the month for a conversion course before they are deployed to the field. There is no talk of taking them to Kiganjo for basic police training as has been the standard practice. The Government has approved the move and allocated funds for the programme. Senior Office of the President and Treasury officials were on Thursday locked up in a meeting to finalise the matter.

NYS trainees and graduates, some reportedly being recalled from their homes, are expected to be on police duties by the end of June. Senior officers at the NYS headquarters in Ruaraka were busy recruiting those expected to join the force. The recruits will later join the regular and Administration police.

Police headquarters confirmed the plan, saying it was part of the 2004-2008 strategic plan that recommended the number of police to be increased. It ostensibly recommended a police force of more than 80,000 for various police services. Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the process was normal and told off those reading ulterior motives in the process. "Recruitment from the NYS is intended to give the police an opportunity to recruit candidates who are already trained and have a record in discipline," said Kiraithe. He was, however, reluctant to divulge the logistics that would be involved in converting the officers, some of whom have been out away for more than three years.

All this leaves me wondering: have the requirements for joining the police force been changed? The last time I checked, one needed to be a form four leaver with a minimum score of C plain in KCSE. What are bandit president and his factotum Maj. Gen. Ali planning? Are they recruiting for another wave of violence? Is a war looming? Meanwhile, our man on the ground informs us that heavy artillery vehicles have been spotted on the Naivasha highway...

Kofi Anan should stop wasting time with impervious PNU hardliners and call on the international governments to increase pressure on Kibaki while offering their soldiers to come and protect Kenyans because clearly there is something going on that we are not party to.

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