Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is PNU cracking under the pressure?

News reaching me in my small corner in the www is that the goings on at the hitherto undisclosed location, namely Kilaguni Lodge where the Kenyan National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team are sequestered, have taken the feet from under the tight-fisted PNU lot. It seems PNU is unravelling and coming apart at the seams. Reason? ODM have demanded that "the grand coalition" reflect the parliamentary strength of the parties, meaning that ODM should have 55% of cabinet seats while the rest share the remaining 45%.

In light of these developments, Kibaki's heir-apparent and opposition betrayer Uhuru Kenyatta has opened his mouth and effectively put his foot in it by declaring his support for and "does not have any qualms with" a grand coalition government arrangement." The PNU team has been feeling the heat as a result of renewed pressure from the UK and Switzerland who have indicated that they will follow the American example and impose travel restrictions on saboteurs who will be perceived to have stood in the way of a political settlement. The stakes of the Annan team are so high that the US President will seek to rally five African Nations including current AU president Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania to accept nothing short of success from the Annan mediation team.

Oh the joys of stealing an election!

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