Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nyong'o responds to an alleged ODM strategy document circulating on the web

The Democratic Party (DP) Secretary-General, George Nyamweya swore an affidavit on 11th January 2008 submitting a document called ‘Executive brief on the positioning and marketing of the ODM presidential candidate’ as evidence of ODM having prepared the post-election mayhem in advance. I am supposed to have been at the center of this diabolical arrangement. IT IS A LIE, PURE AND SIMPLE. Conceived in September last year by PNU, ignored by us then as a worthless endeavor, it continues to be spread via the internet to tarnish my name. I am now compelled to dismiss it following Nyamweya’s attempt to lend it credibility.

The unfortunate current state of our nation requires that every bit of effort should be directed only at the single most important course – finding lasting peace that will return this nation to the path of prosperity for all. Peace, as we in ODM have said many times since the beginning of this current crisis, and indeed in earlier days, will only be realized when the full truth is told and justice is done. No justice can be done if we allow our political culture to be driven by baseless propaganda.

But there are people like Nyamweya given to distractive and dangerous gossip and rumour mongering which know no bounds of times and conjectures in the history of our country. Such are the people responsible for producing this document. It bears the word ‘confidential’ and the date of 8th September 2007. The intention of this desperate propaganda material is cheap and clear. It is crafted to hoodwink Kenyans that the ODM campaign strategy in the last elections entailed the use of violence and whipping up ethnic tensions alongside other aberrations in decent politics.

This is neither the first nor the only output from the ‘dirt unit’ of the forces pushing against the people’s popular drive for change under the leadership of the ODM. Yet it is the mention of the names of individuals in the party leadership as well as other known personalities in various sections of the Kenyan and international society that compels us to set the record straight. Never mind that the authors of this fabrication had no capacity to even establish the correct full names and titles of some of the public figures named in this disgusting failure of political intrigue.

The contents of this fabrication are at variance with the facts of the ODM campaign strategy as well as the events and entities involved in our campaigns. For instance, as Secretary-General of the party, I did not attend any meeting of a party organ on 8th September 2007. On that date, as the records in my office will show, there was no party organ that met as alleged in the document. Moreover, any inspection of all ODM campaign material will reveal nothing close to this dirty language.

This weak arsenal from the enemy’s armoury must be dismissed as a futile attempt to defend the indefensible. It is the work of persons who live under the illusion that truth and fiction are indistinguishable in politics. These are people who continue to live in an island of self denial. They are unable to rise above their prejudices and help us build democracy in our nation.

Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o

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