Thursday, February 21, 2008

Repeat elections now, demands NCCK

Just days after admitting partisanship in the last elections, the inter-religious forum is now calling for a repeat of the General Election within the shortest time possible.

Speaking at a press conference, NCCK Secretary General Rev. Canon Peter Karanja has said that they doubt the competence of the current crop of leaders to midwife the process of resolving the current political impasse and thus the 2007 election should be annulled to pave way for fresh elections. They are also urging for the resignation of the current ECK leadership, the dismissal of all returning officers and recruitment of new ones to pave way for reconstitution of a fresh electoral body, and that wide consultations be made within political parties regarding the appointment of the commissioners to ensure the new body is credible.

Karanja has gone further to accuse parties involved in the mediation process for showing bad faith in the discussions adding that calls for mass action are irresponsible owing to the loss of live and destruction of property from the earlier calls for Mass Demonstration. He has said that the forum recognizes that their proposal has immense implications and has urged all Kenyans to remain calm and maintain peace and dignity as they wait for the negotiating team to reach an agreement that favors Kenyans.

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Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement said...

Despite the fact that this "voice of reason" has come albeit too late, it's still prudent that Kibaki and his PNU diehards take heed lest it's too late.Arrogance and indifference will only lead to more deaths and destruction of property. The damage that has already been done is immense. We do not need any more.