Monday, February 4, 2008

State of the Nation: Guest Post

Here's an interesting e-mail I received that confirms some of the stuff I posted last week...

This is what the email doing rounds within the mentioned. As Ruto rightfully said, not all Kikuyus voted PNU or support what is currently going on. The reason for this is that they must also come out and be heard to castigate all the senseless murders and violence.

The other day, I relayed to you information that Nakuru and Naivasha were in the radar of attach from government agents supported by Mungiki. Today, I bring you the inside story.

In a meeting chaired by John Michuki, various leaders from Central Province were tasked with responsibility of hitting back at the Luo community everywhere in Kenya . To Michuki and team, it is the Luo who have caused the country to rebel against the Kikuyu colonial yoke.

In the Meeting, Chris Kirubi, Kabage Karanja, Joe Wanjui, Eddy Njoroge, George Muhoho, Uhuru Kenyatta and George Thou were tasked to raise enough money to arm the Kikuyu in the event that the Luo retaliate. George Saitoti was prevailed upon to avail military vehicles and bring out the GSU if things go out of hand. The GSU are to provide uniforms and arms to Mungiki, and give them cover as they attack. Maina Kamanda and Uhuru Kenyatta were told to buy more pangas since what they had already bought was deemed not to be sufficient. It is on record that Uhuru bought all the pangas at Nakumatt Ngong Road.

George Thuo and Linus Gitahi were to avail buses and vans to transport Mungiki and the arms to various parts of the country. To this end, George Thuo availed the following buses that took the first batch of warriors to Naivasha and Nakuru for the current mayhem: KAY 658D, KAY 285E, KAE 126A, KAY 847L, KAY 194R and KBA 219W. The warriors were transported in these buses and the Nation Media Group vans from Nanyuki to their areas of operation.

As Kenyans who believe that the current planned killing of innocent Kenyans will not ensure victory for Kibaki, we are asking all Kenyans to come up and be each other's keeper. The church, and especially Cardinal Njue, is in the mix of all this, and this is why he is not condemning Kibaki for the killings, but instead, tending to blame ODM for raising the issue of their victory that Kibaki stole.

The current mayhem, if left unchecked, will destroy the Kikuyu and all that they have worked for in Kenya. It is the Kikuyu who will loose and loose big. The Kikuyu cannot wage a war against all Kenyans. The idea of attacking the Luo is misplaced, for we all know how ruthless the Luo are when provoked. It is the Kikuyu property that will be destroyed, and all Kikuyus will be chased from all over Kenya . They cannot all fit into Central Province.

We must hence stop this senseless war being orchestrated by Michuki, Uhuru, Thuo, Gitahi, Saitoti, Karume and all those egocentric Kikuyus. The Kikuyu must rise up against Kibaki, for it is Kibaki who has brought all this on our people. Had Raila been given his win, we could have been still as happily staying at all our various stations.

Kamau J Njuguna

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Anonymous said...

Were you there? You even mentioned Ruto in positive light!
Amazing! Simply amazing? Are you sure your name is Njuguna?
And just like a broken clock, you are right about one thing, its not the Luo that are to blame but certain opposition majimboists and their militias in Rift Valley who should take a state sponsored trip to the Hague.