Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why are Africans always tired and poor?

It has nothing to do with laziness. Here's the real reason...

For several years, Africans have been blaming it on lack of sleep, too much pressure from job, poor blood, but now the real reason has been found: we're tired because we're overworked. Here's why:

1. The population of Africa is 800 million: 200 million are retired. That leaves 600 million.

2. There are 200 million in school, which leaves 400 million to do the work.

3. Of these, 100 million are civil servants, leaving 300 million to do the work.

4. 50 Million are in the armed forces & related jobs; which leaves 250 million to do the work.

5. Take from that the 150 million people who are unemployed, and that leaves 100 million to do the work.

6. At any given time there are 50 million people in hospitals, leaving 50 million to do the work.

7. There are 20 Million people in prisons, leaving 30 million to do the work.

8. 1 Million are chiefs, kings, queens, presidents, ministers, pastors, voodoo or juju masters, leaving 29 million to do the work.

9. Studies show that 28,999,998 Africans are out of Africa: Europe, USA , Asia etc. That leaves just two people to do all the work: you and me. But you're sitting there on your chair, at your computer, reading this blog instead of working. That leaves one person, only me, to do all the work.

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