Thursday, March 27, 2008

Court Martial jails former army commander

KAMPALA - Former Army commander, Maj. Gen James Kazini will serve a three years in jail for his role in the ‘ghost soldiers’ scandal.

Kazini was charged alongside Lt. Col Dura Mawa and Capt. Michael Baryaguma, and were sentenced to three years for each crime of causing financial loss, abuse of office, forgery and uttering a false document, all charges being under the Ugandan Penal Code. However, all the sentences will run concurrently.

Maj. Gen. Kazini will be remembered for his role in the DR Congo, where he was accused alongside military top-brass of massive looting by the UN. Kazini was in charge of military operations in DR Congo when Ugandan and Rwandan troops clashed in the north-eastern city of Kisangani in 1999. He was also recently in the news for shooting at a Boda Boda motorcyclist and seriously injuring a Kampala doctor with the butt of his pistol after he caught the doctor red-handed having an affair with his "junior wife".

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Alex said...

"Ghost Soldier"? What is it? I haven't ever heard this word before.