Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kenyatta family must cede land they grabbed to IDPs

The problems that Kenyans are facing today are as a direct result of the injustices committed by Kenyatta and his then henchmen.

It’s a pity to hear some IDPs say they don’t know their original homes. This is a lie. In general, an African will still know his home even if he lived (or born) in foreign country for 50 years. How on earth can somebody lose memory as to forget his or her original home? I have a nephew who was born in US, after his father’s death he decided to stay there but when he was 30, he traced and reached home very easily. Even Sen. Obama knows his "home"!

The truth is that their homes were grabbed by Kenyatta and his powerful cronies. The truth must be said because this is the only time to correct the injustices otherwise we will live with them until Jesus comes back.

It is a fact that the Kenyatta family owns land equal to the size of Rwanda, mostly prime and productive land; a fact nobody from Central Province even those who are now suffering in IDP camps are talking about. It is also a naked fact that Kenyatta and his men grabbed chunks of land in Central province and “forcefully” settled the victims in Rift Valley without consulting the natives. Unlike Jaramogi, who said NO GRABBING in Nyanza, Moi, in his desire to get favours from Kenyatta, never questioned or resisted the move. This is the genesis of all of Kenya's problems.

It is time Kenyans start asking the Kenyatta family how they acquired such huge land while other Kenyans have nowhere to put their heads. This is the greatest injustice Kenyatta should be remembered with. Kenyans must be united to fight this injustice and monster called landlessness and “over-landfulness”.

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Anonymous said...

When you talk of IDPs to return back to their homeland, You sound like a devil advocate who knows no virture of humanity nor human history.I would like to educate you, if not to remind you,by history if we were to return back to our homeland,Congo and Sudan will be the destination,you seem to have a strong memory!!!!!!! even to settle in congo/sudan.Therefor the IDPs are kenyan citizens with the rights to live anywhere as kenyans.If by chance you feel Kenyatta family owned kenyan soil illegally which I solidary agree with you then you know the right procedure to follow,we are in a country governed by law ,and leave the innocent kenyans (IDPs) in peace.