Monday, March 10, 2008

Kibaki finally comes clean on "power-sharing"

I hate to be the one to tell you "I told you so" folks. Sample the press statement read by Muthaura just a few moments ago...

"There have been various media reports that have created concern as to the roles of the position of the Prime Minister, Government appointments and structure of the Government following the national Accord. In that regard the Government wishes to clarify as follows:

• The President remains the Head of State and Head of Government

• The Vice-President is the Principal Assistant or the President and the Leader of Government Business in Parliament

• The Prime Minister will coordinate and supervise the Government functions under the authority of the President

• The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers will also have ministerial portfolios

• The President will appoint the Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers subject to the terms of the Accord. The Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers are directly responsible to the President. The President will continue to Chair the Cabinet

• The Accord does not include sharing of jobs in the Public Service

• Therefore, it should be clear that appointments in the Public Service are governed by the Constitution or Acts of Parliament

To this end:

• Holders of Constitutional offices, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, Judges of the High Court, Chairpersons of boards and a few chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the President

• All other civil servants in Central Government and Local Authorities are appointed by the Public Service Commission or through its delegated authority

• Judicial Officers including Magistrates, etc are appointed by the Judicial Service Commission

• Teachers are appointed by the Teachers Service Commission

• Almost all Members of the Boards of Parastatals, Except the Chairmen, are appointed by their respective Ministers

• Chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the ministers on recommendation of the respective Boards

• Other staff or Parastatals are appointed by their respective boards

I wish to assure public servants that there is nothing to worry about the safety of their jobs or the politicization of the Public Service. I urge public servants to embrace the implementation of the Accord. It is extremely important that professionalism in the Public Service is maintained and free from partisan politics."


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