Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Women abuse Police hotlines

KAMPALA - The start of the rainy season has left the Police toll-free hotlines jammed with calls from females demanding for sex. Kampala Extra Police spokesman Simeo Nsubuga said the Easter day long heavy down-pour made the situation worse. “These toll-free lines, 112 for mobile and 999 for landline, are for emergencies but women in desperate need for sex, warmth and love, jam the lines distracting our officers in the control room,” he said during the weekly press briefing at the Central Police Station. “They use very sexy and enticing voices: Officer, it is very cold in the bed. I am alone, I need warmth. My husband is away. Please come.”

Nsubuga, who first talked of the vice last year, added that the calls, which are mostly made in cold weather and in the wee-hours of the morning, block genuine help-seekers. The Police suspect the callers to be prostitutes. “Some drunk people call 999 to be taken home. Can you imagine! They ask to be driven home on a Police patrol car?” Nsubuga warned that such characters would be arrested.

He appealed to the public to call the Police on 0414256366, for quick response in case of emergency.

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