Friday, May 2, 2008

Akon cons Uganda

KAMPALA - Akon has done it again! The Senegalse-born R&B superstar is scheduled to perform at Lugogo Cricket Oval later on tonight, but all indications are that the show is off. Flags were raised when he failed to appear for a pre-concert meet & greet party at Sway Club yesterday, raising fears that he was not even in Uganda in the first place.

The biggest casualty of this clearly is Celtel. The multinational mobile company has staked it's very reputation on the concert. Celtel, apparently oblivious of Akon's antics next door in Kenya, has gone ahead and crafted a consumer promotion based around the star-crossed concert, paying out (or at least promising to) millions of Uganda shillings, promising winners a night at the hotel where Akon is supposed to be staying, a limo ride to the concert and a helicopter pick-up from anywhere in Uganda, among other mouth-watering prospects. All would-be winners need to do is use Celtel and their products.

According to Akon's official website, however, he's scheduled to perform in Las Vegas this weekend, making it highly unlikely that he will be performing in Kampala tonight. Word on the street is that Celtel, attempting to save face, have not given up the wild-goose-chase and will ensure that he makes good of his promise to perform in Kampala. So they are sending a jet to pick him up for the long-awaited concert that has now been postponed to next week. We can only hold our breath!

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Acolyte said...

In Kenya the excuse was insecurity, I wonder what the excuse is for Uganda? They need to forget about him kabisa I tell you.