Thursday, June 26, 2008

'Brothel On Wheels' unveiled

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A sleek, black limousine bus parked just a block from Miami Beach Police Department headquarters was being used as a brothel on wheels, a place where clients could come to solicit sex from prostitutes, police said. "It was brazen," said Miami Beach police Detective Juan Sanchez.

Brazen not just for where the bus was parked, police said, but for how the bus' owner got prospective clients aboard -- by walking up to them on the street and describing the various sexual services available onboard. One of those prospective clients, said Sanchez, was an undercover police officer.

"They were told what services they were providing on there and our undercover detectives went with it," said Sanchez.

According to an undercover detective who went on the bus, lap dances and sexual acts were offered for prices up to $125. Police said they recovered more than $2,000 in cash. It was not clear how long the bus and its operators were soliciting on South Beach.

Police arrested the bus' driver, Clyde Scott, 41, and the bus' registered owner, Christine Morteh, 29. Three other women were also arrested: Leighann Redding, 24, Kimberly Daniels, 23, and Leah Harriss, 25.

The bus was impounded.


kenyanobserver said...

wow.......reminds me of a phrase from an old song in my childhood......."tembea uone mengi ukiwa bado kijana" (travel while young and you will see a lot).

Imagine if that mind could be put into a legitimate enterprise.

Acolyte said...

I tried to get on but I was too late, guess Ill have to catch the next one!