Tuesday, August 26, 2008

City businessman infects 6 daughters with AIDS

KAMPALA - Police in Kampala are holding a city businessman who infected his six daughters with AIDS after forceful penetrative sex.

James Kimera, 45, a resident of Nateete, Rubaga Division in Kampala, is under custody at Central Police Station, Kampala, over aggravated defilement charges which he is believed to have committed several times since January, 2008 on his six biological daughters.

Kampala Extra Region Police publicist Simeo Nsubuga said last night that Kimera was cornered on August 16 after his irritated daughters, aged between six and 15 years, confided in Police about their horrible ordeal. The eldest daughter opened the lid when she narrated to Police that her father started tormenting her as late as December last year when their mother fell seriously sick and got admitted at Mulago Hospital. “Life changed drastically after dad had spent all his capital on mummy’s sickness. Immediately, after mummy was taken to the village, our landlord threw us out of the house. Daddy then sought refuge at our uncle (his brother)’s home in Nateete,” she narrated. “It is from this home that daddy feasted on our kandahars in turns. At times, when we are all dead asleep, he would sneak in and shaft us in turns.”

“When I felt him fondling my thighs, I wanted to shout but he threatened that if I did so, he would disown me and stop paying my school fees yet I wanted to study. That’s why I initially kept quiet,” the eldest victim recounted.

Nsubuga said that Kimera also attempted to turn his lust on one of his brother’s daughters, prompting his raging sibling to throw him out of the home. Police findings reveal that HIV tests indicate that Kimera and two of his babies, including the youngest who is six years old, are HIV positive. “It is true we checked them all and the results so far released indicate three are HIV positive,” a Police sources intimated. “The girls are currently homeless, but this can’t stop us from implicating the hitherto sole breadwinner because he committed a very serious offence,” Nsubuga said.

Kimera is to set to appear before court on Aggravated defilement case number CRB 5451/08, Katwe Police Station.

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