Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fazul escapes anti-terror police. Again!

Someone is playing a VERY deadly game with Kenyans.

It now transpires that wanted terrorist Harun Fazul escaped the anti-terror dragnet for the second time in two weeks. The police had planned a normal search at a house near Sabasaba without knowing that the terror suspect was holed up in the building, sources said on Monday. They said they learnt later that Fazul had escaped through the kitchen in the four-storey building that is still under construction as the police were trying to break open the ground floor door.

Fazul is said to have escaped through the support of scaffolds while the police were busy trying to break the grilled door.
The police, over 40 in number, had planned to search the house for explosives and had “sent a message” to the house owner that he was under watch. They went to the house with two sniffer dogs. According to sources, the search, which was led by anti-terror chief Nicholas Kamwende, did not yield any results. No explosives were found.

The police got to the place around 9pm, but could not get access until two hours later when they managed to break the door open. By which time Fazul was long gone.

This is the second time the police have targeted the same individual suspected to be close to the terror mastermind. On Monday last week, the anti-terror police stopped a van he was driving near Kijipwa Police Station on suspicion that he was carrying Fazul. He was coming from Malindi with his wife and a friend. The police, however, mistook Fazul for a known cleric and let him pass the police roadblock. But on learning that they had allowed to pass a van they had been instructed to stop, they hurriedly mounted another roadblock near Bamburi Police Station and detained him, his wife and the friend for close to three hours.

On Monday, a senior police source said they were closing in on him and it may be a matter of time before they arrest him. “We will get him. We are monitoring various people that we suspect he could be visiting both in Mombasa and Nairobi,” said the source.

Boo hoo.

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