Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About that Tanzanian ho...

OK... I won't use the "H" word, but after emotionally (and, with tiny shorts, physically) straddling two smart hunks – Morris and Ricco – for two days, Latoya has finally confessed to Mimi, Hazel and Tokondwa that she’s got a soft spot for Morris. This, despite starting her shenanigans on just the first night! “It’s him I like,” she bellowed. She also revealed that she knew thoughts had been roaming the Housemates’ minds as per her intimacy with Morris recently.

The mission to let the cat out of the bag on whom the Housemates are attracted to was initiated by Takondwa. Yet Takondwa had to excuse himself when Mimi and Hazel put him on the edge to unveil the belle who's been able to steal his heart. Hazel’s attempt to cause some uproar failed as Mimi, Latoya and Takondwa remained unshaken when she said she’s attracted to Takondwa. They thought she was pulling everyone's leg.

Shall we say it’s too early to talk about real attractions? Moreso, some of the Housemates - Latoya inclusive - still sing the tales of the lovers they left at home. Will Ricco fight back if he discovers Latoya has fallen for Morris?

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