Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally, the BBA 3 gets underway


WEDNESDAY 2 SEPTEMBER - This has been a remarkably happy family so far. So, by the usual standards, today has been a warzone. First, discussions about the Olympic training regimen blew up into a free-for-all. And then one of the house’s ritual insult-slinging matches turned nasty.

Thami and Uti were engaged in their usual juvenile banter, when Uti called Thami a "retard", and Lucille took major offence. Not on Thami’s behalf, but on behalf of... the viewers!

"That word is offensive to the viewers," she blurted out. She also said that as someone who has disabled people in her family, she finds the word personally offensive. Uti, being a Nigerian broda, obviously didn’t like that. Not one bit. Within seconds we saw a different side to the big guy. "If I want to call someone a retard and you have a problem with it then fuck you," he shouted back. "I’m offended by your voice. You can shut up!"

Minutes later, Big Brother called into the diary room. He sat down in a thunderous black funk. Biggie asked him about his lapse in self-control. "Maybe I forgot it was a game," he said, somewhat sheepishly. At any rate, if there was ever a chance that he and Lucille would pair up, it's just gotten a lot slimmer.

Meanwhile, Mimi, who is called in after Uti, gave a lowdown of the whole situation in ten thousand words or less. "Sheila, Ricco, Thami and Uti have this game where they dis each other," she said. "Lucille has someone disabled in her family. But there are also disabled people in Sheila’s family and in Ricco’s family. I know this because I've talked to them. So I told Lucille not to get involved." She explained that she has chosen to involve herself to defend Thami in the past, but that was because the other three had ganged up on him and she could see he was hurt. Lucille, however, was berating them for their use of politically incorrect language, which was a mistake.

So how does Mimi feel about the tension? "The mood has changed," she said. Once again we got a glimpse of her tactical side: "Now people are starting to show their real character. This is my best moment. The competition starts here."

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