Monday, September 1, 2008

Has McCain lost the election?

We are only in September, and Senator John McCain has probably lost the election. But if he does not, please don’t come to my house with placards; this is wishful thinking, not a presentation of objective facts.

He has nominated a 44-year-old mother of five who says she is just an ordinary hockey mom from Alaska (the local equivalent would be a card-carrying member of the Women’s Guild) as his vice-presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin, who has served two years as governor of Alaska, hunts, owns guns, shoots, is anti-abortion and is reported to have fired someone who refused to fire someone who had pissed off a relative. I would not be surprised if she chewed tobacco and bent metal bars as well. If American men were not so sexist, I’d imagine that she would be more at home with them than the women she is supposed to appeal to. Apparently, McCain and Palin have met, face-to-face, exactly once.

Mr McCain is an old guy in his 70s with a history of poor health. If he keels over from the pressures of running the world, Mrs Palin would have to move her hunting guns to the Oval Office. Mr McCain had a nice argument that Mr Barrack Obama is too green to be president, an argument that he has completely destroyed by putting an even greener woman only his rusty heart's beat away from power. Mr McCain is the man who left his loyal wife of many years for a younger, wealthy woman, has been embroiled in corruption scandals, has a temper and allowed the Viet Cong to shoot down his plane.

Watching news over the weekend, I could not help but notice an underlying anger in America. One pundit captured the mood of the moment: Would McCain allow Mrs. Palin to raise his daughter? Then why does he expect her to lead the great US of A? I say the only reason he is a serious contender for the White House is because he is white and Barack Obama is not. And yes, please feel free to add that to the list of your feuds against my clan.

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