Saturday, September 6, 2008

Living the American dream?

American nightmare, more like. She's against everything women have fought for over the years. She has served only two years as governor of Alaska, hunts, owns guns, shoots, is anti-abortion and is reported to have fired someone who refused to fire someone who had pissed off a relative. I would not be surprised if she chewed tobacco and bent metal bars as well. If American men were not so sexist, I’d imagine that she would be more at home with them than the women she is supposed to appeal to. Apparently, McCain and Palin have met, face-to-face, exactly once. And on top of everything, she's a gun lobbyist. With McCain recently hitting 72 and with a history of poor health, this inexperienced politician, with no track record in foreign policy is literally a heart-beat away from the White House if (and when) McCain keels over from the pressures of running the world. And you thought George "Dubya" Bush was bad?

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