Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SIASA DUNI EXCLUSIVE: Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a homewrecker!

He almost wrecked Barack Obama’s presidential dreams, and now firebrand pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright has helped destroy a Dallas church worker’s marriage - and her job.

Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with the controversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was an executive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé. “I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that’s why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me,” Payne said.

In April, Payne organized a series of Texas public appearances by Wright, 67. Weeks before, Obama had disavowed his preacher of 20 years after Wright’s anti-government rants came to light. “Liz was by Rev. Wright’s side day and night during those days,” a church source said. Payne’s husband, Fred Payne, 64, said he learned of the affair in late February, when he discovered e-mails between his wife and Wright. “There must have been about 80 of them, back and forth,” he said. “Wright said things like he was going to leave his wife for Elizabeth.”

“I was downright mad about this bullshit,” said Fred, who said he is “in the oil and gas business,” belongs to a hunting club and makes his own bullets in his garage. “People wouldn’t be happy to know that my wife was sleeping with a black man.” Elizabeth Payne said she has been banished by Haynes and the flock at Friendship-West. “I’m not a member of the congregation anymore; I’m not even allowed on the premises,” she said. Wright became an embarrassment for Obama after videos of the preacher’s old sermons emerged

Poor woman, coming to the “Reverend” to get saved, and all he was giving her is some pipe. Hypocrites, I tell ya. We are glad he went and sat down in the corner and didn’t damage the Obama brand too much.

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